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Practical Logistics Services for Small Businesses

Shipping can be challenging for any size business, but for smaller companies, it can be especially stressful. If this sounds like what you're up against, breathe easy. The logistics experts at Worldwide Express work with thousands of small businesses in all industries to help relieve shipping anxiety — and we're ready to bring that knowledge and information to you.

This Small Business Shipping Hub introduces you to our solutions for improving your supply chain strategy, helps you learn about shipping trends and guides you through making smart decisions for parcel and freight shipping. It’s one thing to say we provide innovative services; it’s another thing to show it. That’s why we like to highlight customer success stories  from companies just like you that rely heavily on shipping.

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Create a Smart Shipping Strategy

Logistics isn't one-dimensional and your shipping strategy shouldn't be, either. As your business evolves, we'll evaluate your strategy and recommend adjustments to help meet your changing needs. Your budget, products, customer demographics and geographic reach — these all affect which shipping method to use, what trends to follow, how often you ship and the type(s) of equipment you'll need.

Learn how to create and execute a shipping strategy that will help keep your business moving forward:


Turn Small-Business Shipping Into a Profit Center

Employee holding organic skincare product

Your Guide to SMB Shipping Success

Young man carrying packages for shipment

Freight vs. Parcel: Which One Is Right for You

Stack of shipments boxes on wooden pallets at interior warehouse storage.

Scale From Parcel to LTL Freight in Times of Business Growth

Continuously Improve Your Supply Chain

You can't always control your supply chain — imported materials get hung up at the ports, fulfillment centers hit snags and manufacturers deny returned products. You need to keep things on the move but knowing where to start and who to talk to when there's a glitch is half the problem. That's why you bring in a third-party logistics (3PL) provider like Worldwide Express. You can rely on us to get the ball rolling and resolve these issues as quickly as possible.

Start by understanding the benefits of demand planning, then dive into tips on how to make the most of your supply chain:

Two business partners in formal wear and with protective yellow helmets on heads standing in warehouse and comparing data. Younger holding folder while older one pointing at calculations on tablet.

Make Smarter Shipping Decisions With a Freight Audit


Inbound Freight Management: What You Need to Know

Business Process Concept Shapes Paper

Be Ready With a Disaster Recovery Plan for Shipping

aExploring Multi-Warehouse Freight Shipping

Exploring Multiple Warehouse Distribution Networks

Budget-Friendly Shipping

There's more to the cost of shipping than moving your goods from point A to point B. Shipping costs can quickly add up, but you're steps ahead of the competition when you work with a 3PL. The rates you're quoted for reliable shipping services are typically reserved for companies that ship larger volumes. That's a big plus for smaller companies like yours.

In these blogs, you'll learn what goes into your total shipping cost, plus ways to reduce shipping costs and keep your budget in line:


No More Guesswork: Shipping Budgeting Tips

Forklift driver unloading shipment product pallet into container

How to Avoid 5 Common Hidden Freight Shipping Fees

Startup Business shopping online.

6 Ways to Cut Small Package Shipping Rates


Tips for Keeping Shipping Costs Low

Put an Effective E-Commerce Shipping Process in Place

Does your small business dabble in e-commerce shipping or is it a bigger part of your B2B focus? Either way, you need the right tools and resources to handle orders and shipments with speed and accuracy. Look no further. Our shipping technology, SpeedShip®, seamlessly integrates with popular e-commerce shopping cart software such as Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento.

We'll also help you integrate with a full ERP system to automate more shipping functions. Eliminating repetitive tasks, such as creating shipping labels, return labels and shipping documentation, will help you reduce shipping errors. Plus, it's a surefire way to get more accomplished in less time.

Keep your e-commerce business running smoothly by applying these insights to your shipping operations:


E-commerce: 5 Reasons to Consider a 3PL


Best Practices for Parcel Returns

Shop owner with clipboard processing new merchandise

How to Build Customer Loyalty Through Parcel Shipping

Simplify Your Shipping With High-Performing Tools And Technology

Accuracy and time savings are top reasons to use shipping technology. SpeedShip, our proprietary transportation management system (TMS), lets you easily compare costs and transit times, select accessorials, add shipping insurance and more. You can also use our tools, like the freight density calculator, to help ensure more accurate freight quotes.

Become familiar with how technology can simplify your shipping process:


SpeedShip for UPS: The Shipping Tool That Helps You Deliver More

White truck moving fast on the road in a modern city with light effect

Managing Freight Shipments Has Never Been Easier With SpeedShip


What Can a TMS Do For You?

Warehouse cargo courier transportation

Freight Density Calculator

Choose Professional Carriers With High-Quality Shipping Services

It's a carrier's market — it has been for a long while. Working with us gives you access to more than 85,000 truckload and 75 less-than-truckload carriers on local, regional and national levels. If you have specialty shipments, we have carriers that handle hazardous materials, perishable goods, tradeshow events and more. Plus, as an authorized reseller of UPS® parcel shipping services, we'll connect you to top-notch expedited and ground solutions at exclusive prices.

Get a fresh perspective on how to choose carriers and maintain a good business relationship:


9 Tips on How to Become a Shipper of Choice

How to Choose the Right Carrier

Choose the Right Shipping Carrier: 5 Steps to Success


How to Start a Relationship with a New Carrier


How to Compare LTL Freight Carriers

Navigate Your Small Business Shipping With a 3PL Partner

There are so many facets to shipping, it can be overwhelming — especially in a tight shipping market. Your best resource is working with a 3PL provider that has strong connections with carriers. When you have experts at your side who have a deep understanding of how logistics fits with small businesses, you can rest assured knowing your needs will be met.

With these resources, you'll learn what a 3PL provider can do to meet your small business shipping needs:

Mature Businessman Inspecting Modern Factory

Debunking Third-Party Logistics Criticisms

Portrait of a woman warehouse worker or supervisor.

How Worldwide Express Partners for SMB Success

Successful woman at work.

Switching 3PLs: 4 Steps to Success


E-commerce: 5 Reasons to Consider a 3PL

Discover How WWEX Can Optimize Your Shipping

Shipping may be a small part of your business, but it's critical to your overall success. We can adapt your shipping strategy to support your business goals, modify your operations to minimize challenges, and create efficiencies that bring value to your bottom line.

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