What Can A TMS Do For Your Freight Shipping?

By its nature, shipping freight involves plenty of moving parts. What’s the most efficient way to get your goods from point A to point B? What’s the most cost-effective option — LTL, FTL, multimodal — to choose from? How can you keep track of everything in your supply chain, along with what it’s costing you to keep it all in transit?

Managing those details and minutiae can be like trying to chase after scraps of paper on a windy day.

But here’s the good news: Freight shipping doesn’t have to make your head spin — or make you chase after scraps of paper. The solution lies in the latest generations of Transportation Management Systems (TMS) that are designed to provide you with optics and control over your entire supply chain. Rate comparisons? Check. Spend analysis? Check. Up-to-the minute alerts? Check. Ability to add coverage to your shipments on the fly? Check. Even better, they allow you to do all that and more from a single intuitive user interface.

What else can a TMS do for you? This infographic breaks it all down into five key areas. Plus it offers some details on SpeedShip®, our proprietary TMS.


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