They say that luck favors the prepared. We’ve seen how quickly industries and the world can change. It’s important for businesses to build a plan and be ready to keep people safe and business flowing when the unexpected becomes a reality.

Supply chain resilience guide for business shippers

A disaster recovery plan should cover all critical aspects of your business, including shipping. After all, fulfilling orders is what keeps you — and your customers — afloat. In our supply chain resilience e-guide, we cover the big areas small and mid-size businesses (SMBs) need to address when establishing disaster recovery plans for parcel and freight shipping.

Our guide to supply chain resilience includes:

  • Key areas of disaster recovery plan , including the people, processes and supply chain agility systems integral to shipping
  • How to build redundancy into your inventory and distribution networks
  • Communication touchpoints for internal and external teams
  • Technology for more robust, weatherproof operations
  • How partners can help you pull through in a pinch

Don’t be left in the dark asking yourself, “What is a disaster recovery plan?” We like to think that with a little foresight, SMBs can make their own luck — regardless of the circumstances. With this supply chain resilience guide , you’ll be in position to work with internal teams and partners to forge tighter communication and build more confidence in your ability to fulfill orders and hammer out weak links in your supply chain.

Ready to set up a supply chain disaster recovery plan? – We can help.

While working toward a disaster recovery plan, don’t forget that the Worldwide Express team is here to help. With decades of supply chain disaster recovery plan experience, our dedicated shipping logistics experts will investigate every aspect of your shipping operations to help protect your business during unplanned emergencies.

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