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Our High-Performing Transportation Management System 

Enhance your shipping process, create efficiencies and smoothly manage your small package and freight shipments with SpeedShip®. A smart, all-in-one TMS technology from Worldwide Express.

Take Advantage of the Capabilities in Speedship, Our All-In-One TMS

Shipping is only a part of your business – but it's an essential part. And while it shouldn't take up all your time, the details have to be right or it will take more time than you have.

We built SpeedShip, our proprietary transportation management system (TMS), to help make shipping operations more efficient for small and mid-sized businesses. You'll feel confident securing accurate rate quotes from our portfolio of vetted carriers for your small parcel and freight shipments – with discounts generally reserved for higher-volume shippers. Plus, SpeedShip provides reports on real-time data that lets you analyze your shipping and make decisions to benefit your bottom line.

Partner with Worldwide Express and get immediate access to robust shipping capabilities and real-time information from carriers in our network – 85,000 truckload (FTL) and 75-plus less-than-truckload (LTL) freight carriers, plus UPS® for your small package shipments. SpeedShip will help get your shipments on the move and provide the tools to simplify the process.

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Get your shipping done right

  • Create an electronic bill of lading to help ensure accuracy and provide legible pickup and delivery instructions.
  • Trigger a search by our specialized freight team for carriers to transport volume LTL freight.
  • Request accessorial services in advance for smooth pickup and delivery.
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Gain shipping efficiencies

  • Use the same TMS for both your small parcel shipments and LTL freight shipments.
  • Save input time and reduce errors with fields that pre-populate from your integrated customer list.
  • Generate return shipping labels to accompany your parcel shipments.
  • Resolve shipping issues through the portal with step-by-step instructions.
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Personalize your shipping operations

  • Get quotes from all available carriers or only your preferred ones.
  • Preset data-entry fields for defined commodities and recurring shipments.
  • Set up email notifications for specific touchpoints in the shipment's journey.
  • Customize reports to help analyze your shipping data and gain operational efficiencies.
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Boost your bottom line

  • Order shipping supplies for UPS express shipments at no cost.
  • Enable vendors to ship on your account and take advantage of discount pricing.
  • Add insurance when scheduling small parcel shipments and LTL freight shipments.
  • Easily scale your shipping operations and resources to gain greater flexibility when business ebbs and flows.

Protect Your Bottom Line Against Shipment Loss

You might think your small package or freight shipment is fully covered under carrier liability, but that’s not quite how it works. Only shipping insurance can cover the full retail value of your shipment in case of loss, theft or damage. Add lowcost shipping insurance with just one click when you schedule your shipment or request a quote on SpeedShip.
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Resolve Shipping Issues With Ease

Got a dispute with your shipment? SpeedShip has tools in a simple dropdown menu you can use to start the resolution process. Plus, your local Worldwide Express consultant will be at your side to help solve the issue.
See how to get a positive claims resolution
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Which Is Better For Your Package Shipments: Parcel Or Freight?

If your small packages weigh more than 150 lbs. or you have multi-piece shipments headed to the same destination, SpeedShip can help determine if shipping via UPS small parcel delivery or with an LTL freight carrier makes the most sense. Still not sure which to choose? Ask your Worldwide Express consultant for insight.
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