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LTL freight shipping services built to overdeliver

Your freight is important and so are your expectations. We expertly handle both. Through the widest selection of top-tier carriers and our daily load of managing nearly 8,000 shipments, we’re ready to handle any request with confidence.

What Is LTL Freight Shipping?

Less than truckload (LTL) freight shipping is the method of transporting freight that does not require a full trailer to ship from one location to its destination. This shipping method accommodates items weighing more than 150 pounds and allows for a trailer to accommodate multiple freight shipments while still transporting a full truck. The shipper pays for the portion their freight occupies, which increases overall efficiency of an individual shipment.

A legacy of trusted partners

We know we’re only as smart as the company we keep. Which is why we’ve built longstanding relationships with a select group of 65+ national, super-regional, regional and local LTL freight carriers. Plus, we can tailor intermodal solutions for any freight traveling by rail, air or ocean. It adds up to service built entirely around you.

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Ship Faster, Easier

SpeedShip®, our proprietary transportation management system, helps you get from packing to shipping to out-the-door in fewer clicks. Prepare shipments, evaluate costs, consolidate billing and plenty more with a single easy-to-use system designed to streamline your day.

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Tailored services

Our goal is to make your experience easier — from consolidating shipping expenses into a single invoice to quoting volume shipments to providing dedicated resources for your over-dimensional freight. In short, we specialize in understanding your unique needs and building solutions that expertly fit them.

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LTL service that goes the extra mile

Your shipping needs can change at a moment’s notice and you need flexible LTL solutions that can change with them. Our local teams invest in learning about your business to develop strategies and solutions that answer your immediate needs and anticipate what’s next. And we reinforce this promise with a select network of LTL carriers who can meet your requirements at rates that fit your budget. Simply put, we deliver like nobody else.

Here are the top LTL questions answered before you ship.

Get an LTL Freight Quote

With 65+ top-tier LTL carriers, you can be confident your business has the choices it needs, backed by the reliability and service you expect. Discover the difference of shipping with the industry leaders by completing the fields below.

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