8 Reasons Why We're Your Small Package Shipping Experts

We like to say that when it comes to shipping logistics, few do what we do, and none do is better. That’s because Worldwide Express is part of the nation’s largest authorized non-retail reseller of UPS® shipping services, period. There are many reasons we got to that position, but it really boils down to the fact that we only settle for the best. The best small package shipping provider in the logistics world: UPS. The best customer service experience in the industry. The best technology to help you manage your shipment from A to Z. And finally, the absolute best value for your shipping dollar.

We believe your business should only settle for the best, as well. In this “listicle” we’re giving you eight reasons Worldwide Express should be your trusted shipping advisor:

  1. Incomparable invoicing. We realize that every business – and every shipment – is different. That’s why we offer flexible invoicing options to customize your shipping experience.
  2. Size and scope. Our exclusive small package carrier, UPS, needs no introduction when it comes to their expansive global reach. No matter what you need to ship, and no matter where it needs to go, the UPS network has you covered.
  3. All the access. We offer access to a comprehensive set of UPS shipping tools to ensure you’re always able to track your shipments in real time, adjust delivery timelines on-the-fly, protect your shipments through powerful insurance, and much more.
  4. Only one stop. Why waste time and energy using multiple carriers and shipping providers when you can enjoy the ease and convenience of our one-stop transportation management system, SpeedShip®? This powerful online tool also allows you to manage your freight shipping within the same platform, and seamlessly integrates with many leading e-commerce tools. Streamlined shipping operations, anyone?
  5. Fully flexible. Need several pickups a day, or just a couple a week? Have special requests for deliveries to certain customers? Worldwide Express has got you covered with the industry’s most comprehensive suite of flexible pickup and delivery options.
  6. Super savings. We understand that your shipping budget isn’t unlimited and that you want the best possible bang for your shipping buck. By leveraging the combined shipping volume of thousands of small and mid-sized businesses, we’re able to secure rates for our customers they would never be able to obtain shipping on their own.
  7. Talented team support. With Worldwide Express, you’ve got a dedicated local operations team that are doing business where you are, when you are. They know your name, your business, and your unique shipping needs.
  8. Extensive expertise. Worldwide Express has been the trusted shipping advisor for tens of thousands of businesses like yours for more than 30 years. There are very few problems we haven’t solved or unique shipping requests we haven’t been able to accommodate. As a valued customer, our knowledge is your knowledge!

Simplify your shipping – Become our shipping partner

The above list is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the value, support, and unsurpassed shipping knowledge that Worldwide Express brings to the table. Take advantage of our expertise and experience to solve your toughest shipping challenges.

Get started with a custom shipping consultation today, and we think you’ll discover a lot more than eight reasons to choose Worldwide Express!