What Worldwide Express Looks for in Freight Shipping Carriers (And What That Means for You!)

Handing over products to freight shipping carriers can sometimes make you feel like a parent putting their child on the school bus for the first time. After all, you are relying on someone else to deliver something that’s important to you. We totally get it.

At Worldwide Express (WWEX), we have a vetted network of 85,000+ full truckload (FTL) and 75+ less-than-truckload (LTL) freight carriers. Each was selected after extensive research, allowing us to work only with dependable carrier partners with skillsets that make freight shipping easier. Below, we outline what we look for during carrier sourcing and what that means for you.

Freight carriers with an impeccable reputation & background

Before we sign on with new freight carriers, we conduct a thorough internal review of the carrier’s history. This includes using third-party t­ools to ensure there’s no history of poor performance. We also partner with a trusted vendor to conduct a rigid background check ­­using a risk management information system (RMIS) to ensure carriers are experienced and have a healthy safety rating.

What this means for you: WWEX ensures you work only with carriers with a proven track record of quality service. This is particularly important today as new FTL carriers flood the market due to increased consumer demand.

Carrier partners who value long-term relationships

At WWEX, we don’t typically use a carrier just once or twice. We value relationships with carriers that continue to develop over time. This allows us to build trust in our carriers and get to know what their strengths are.

What this means for you: As the partnership grows, we will negotiate rates for the shipper and leverage our relationship with carriers to get your products on trucks when capacity is tight. This also allows us to identify which carriers are ideal for the specifications of your shipments.

Freight shipping carriers driven by technology

Worldwide Express looks for LTL and FTL carriers who use an electronic data interchange (EDI) and/or an application programming interface (API). These tools allow the carriers to exchange information with our platforms. We also look for LTL carriers who utilize dimensionalizers. These devices or machines use lasers to accurately calculate the density of your freight.

What this means for you: API and EDI technologies ensure efficient shipping — particularly in the areas of invoicing, billing, tracking and claims processing. Dimensionalizers make quoting more accurate and help prevent your freight from getting reclassified — making it less likely that you get a surprise on your bill.

Freight shipping carriers with appropriate insurance

Worldwide Express has stringent standards in place to ensure your shipments are covered in case of damage or loss. For example, we only partner with FTL carriers who carry more than $100,000 in carrier liability insurance and $1 million worth of auto coverage.

What this means for you: When damage or loss happens, we ensure safeguards are in place so you can make a recovery even if you don’t purchase additional freight insurance.

Carriers with a variety of services and solutions

Worldwide Express works to partner with freight carriers who supply a variety of specialty shipping solutions including dry van, reefer, oversized, flatbed, white-glove, hazmat shipping and other freight options. We even partner with carriers that cover niche markets and underserved regions.

What this means for you: Whether you’re shipping food or extremely fragile freight, we provide a wide array of carriers who can service all your needs. This is important for shippers with a variety of product types and those whose needs may change over time.

Freight carriers dedicated to customer service

We look for carriers who offer the best customer service and support. That means they are professional and responsive and work to create the best shipping experience – even during the claims process or conflict resolution.

What this means for you: Your job becomes easier, and you work with freight shipping carriers that are professional, just like you. This allows you to focus on what you know best – your business.

How does WWEX maintain success with freight carriers?

After our homework is complete and we have developed a strong relationship with a carrier, we add these additional safeguards for continued carrier success:

  • Compliance reviews – Our internal compliance teams keep an eye on carriers on an ongoing basis. That means we are watching on-time delivery rates and other KPIs to ensure they are meeting expectations.
  • Ongoing carrier analysis – We will continue to monitor carriers to learn their strengths. That way we can pair you with carriers who have experience and capabilities for your specific needs.
  • Technology review – WWEX is committed to using technology to streamline shipping to the maximum. Carriers are expected to do the same. When a carrier refuses to keep up, we often will drop them from our network.

Ready to work with the best freight shipping carriers and 3PL in the business?

At WWEX, we put safeguards in place so you’re only doing business with the best freight shipping carriers in the market– whether that is FTL or LTL carriers. And we are with you the entire way. We use our decades of expertise in the business and consultative approach to help you navigate carrier selection.

Are you ready to learn more about our carrier network and our best-in-class third-party logistics (3PL) services? Reach out to our shipping experts today to learn why no other company has a carrier network quite like Worldwide Express.