Freight vs Parcel: What to Know When Adding Small Package Shipping to Your Freight Strategy

As a freight shipper, there are many benefits to adding parcel shipping to your logistics strategy. Sometimes it just makes sense to send shipments via small package to save money and increase efficiency. But knowing how and when to ship parcel can sometimes be a challenge.

Worldwide Express is here to help! Below, we have included a variety of resources that will help you understand the differences between parcel and freight, and when to select small package to move your shipments. Plus, you’ll get tips on how this mode can save you money. If you need further assistance, reach out for help!

Parcel Service Basics


Fast and Flexible: Know Your UPS Options

Small Package Shipping

Your Guide to UPS Shipping Rates


Which UPS Pickup Type is Right For You


Which UPS Pickup Option Brings You the Most Value

Cost Savings


Tips for Keeping Shipping Costs Low

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Small Package Weights and Size Limits: What You Need to Know

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6 Ways to Cut Small Package Shipping Rates

4 Packaging Mistakes You Could Be Making

4 Packaging Mistakes You Could Be Making

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What To Know About UPS Parcel Fuel Surcharges

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A Look at Parcel Shipping Cost-Saving Adjustments


Save On Package Shipping with Shipping Zones

Parcel Shipping Tips


The Dos and Don'ts of Large Package Shipping


How To Verify Parcel Delivery Through Signatures


How To Ship Oversized UPS Packages


Get Complete Coverage with UPS® Shipping Insurance


Take the Quiz: Selecting the Right UPS Pickup Type

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