Which UPS® Pickup Option Offers Your Business the Most Value

Small package shippers rely on UPS shipping to provide cost savings and efficiencies — and for good reason. UPS has the best on-time delivery rate in the industry1 has a wide range of shipping options and provides solutions for every parcel shipping need — including UPS pickup options where drivers visit a business or home and load up their outgoing shipments.

Each UPS package pickup option was designed to meet the many unique needs of shippers. Below, we outline each of the UPS package pickup services and give you the pricing and perks of each to determine what makes sense for your business. For additional small business shipping value, consider partnering with a 3PL that offers the top-notch service of UPS to guarantee great rates and an effective shipping strategy.

Six UPS Package Pickup Types for Small Package Shippers

1. UPS Smart Pickup®

  • Lowdown — Automatically arrange a pickup request only when you create a shipment
  • Solution for — Businesses that don't have regularly scheduled pickup needs but want on-demand pickups when they're needed
  • Perk — Shipping platform automatically notifies a driver to make a pickup service request the same business day
  • Cost — $15.50
  • Days — Monday through Friday

2. UPS Day-Specific Pickup

  • Lowdown — Pick specific days of the week that you know you need a pickup
  • Solution for — Businesses that know specifically, based upon their schedule, which days pickup services are a priority
  • Perk — UPS driver will automatically stop by your location on the days you select
  • Cost — Prices range from $15.50 to $34 depending on the number of days you require service and your weekly shipping volume.
  • Days — Monday through Friday

3. UPS Daily On-Route Pickup

  • Lowdown — Arrange for a UPS driver to make an unscheduled stop at your location once each business day while making deliveries in your area
  • Solution for — Businesses that want the convenience of an automatic daily pickup
  • Perk — Drivers will stop even if there are no packages delivered to your location
  • Cost — $10 to $20 depending upon weekly shipping volume
  • Days — Monday through Friday

4. UPS Daily Pickup

  • Lowdown — Receive daily pickup service at a pre-determined pickup time
  • Solution for — Businesses that ship every day and need the convenience of a scheduled daily pickup
  • Perk — A driver visits your location once each business day regardless of whether you have shipments
  • Cost — $19.50 to $36 depending upon weekly shipping volume
  • Days — Monday through Friday

5. UPS On-Call Pickup® Service

  • Lowdown — Request a single pickup either on the same day you make a request, or a date in the future
  • Solution for — Businesses that ship occasionally but still need the convenience of an on-demand pickup
  • Perk — UPS will pick up all your packages at your office or home with one request
  • Cost —Same day $12, future date $7
  • Days — Monday through Friday

6. UPS Saturday Pickup

  • Lowdown — Schedule a pickup on Saturday with the same delivery commitment as a Friday pickup
  • Solution for — Businesses that have a weekend operating schedule and shipping needs
  • Perk — Eligible UPS Ground packages can get delivered as early as Monday
  • Cost— $6 to $10.10 depending on the selected service type
  • Days — Saturday

Worldwide Express UPS Experts Answer Questions About UPS Package Pickup Quantities, Timing and Deadlines

Worldwide Express is part of the largest, non-retail authorized reseller of UPS services in the country. The company brings decades of experience helping tens of thousands of SMBs get the most value for their shipping dollars. Below, our UPS shipping experts answer two of the most asked questions about UPS pickup options.

When considering UPS pickup options, does the number of packages in your shipment matter?

Yes! The UPS pickup request limit is 30 packages, which applies to all pickup options. So, if you have a shipment of more than 30 packages, it requires extra coordination between the shipper and UPS, including the local UPS terminal that will accommodate these larger loads. Luckily, we can help with those conversations and arrangements.

For larger shipments, shippers will also want to call in advance to schedule a pickup. That way, UPS can allocate the right driver and truck space to ensure the packages are picked up at the desired time and fulfill their commitment to an excellent shipping experience.

What is the biggest challenge or concern shippers have about package pickup?

While cost is one of the most important considerations for making shipping decisions, timing is probably the biggest priority we see, because our customers know when the shipment has to be there.

UPS pickup times and days give shippers a wide range of options that allow their packages to arrive when they need to. It also allows the customer to avoid a fingers-crossed scenario where they are hoping it makes it to its final destination on schedule.  Plus, the variety of pickup times allows shippers to weigh timing versus cost and determine which UPS pickup service fits their need.

Do you need help with your UPS pickup request strategy?

At Worldwide Express, we use our expertise as a leading third-party logistics provider and decades of experience to bring a consultative approach when working with customers. Talk to us to learn more about how we can help your business with its small package shipping needs. Request a consultation today!

1UPS is leading the industry in on-time performance, https://about.ups.com/us/en/our-stories/people-led/ups-on-time-performance.html

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