Which UPS® Pickup Option is Right For You?

When it comes to pickup choices, UPS has you covered. And no one can deliver UPS like Worldwide Express, giving you flexible and convenient choices for ground and express shipping.

Which pickup option is ideal for you? To help you make the right decision, here's a look at some key details about each.

Pickup Option When to Use How it Works

UPS Smart Pickup®

This allows you to automatically arrange a pickup only when you have packages to ship. When you process a shipment using software tools such as WorldShip®, UPS Internet Shipping or UPS CampusShip®, the system automatically notifies a UPS driver to pick up all prepared packages that same day.

UPS Day-Specific Pickup

Only ship on specific business days of the week? This service is ideal for you. You select the days of the week that are best for your business and shipping schedule. A UPS driver will automatically stop by your location on those days that you decide. Bonus: This option reduces unnecessary pickup stops, which helps save fuel and reduces carbon emissions.

UPS Daily On-Route Pickup

This service is designed for companies that can be flexible on pickup times but also want the convenience of an automatic daily pickup. A UPS driver will make a pickup at your location once each business day while he/she is making deliveries in that area.

UPS Daily Pickup

Perfect if you ship every day and need the convenience of a scheduled daily pickup. A UPS driver stops at your location once each business day on a regularly scheduled basis to pick up ground, air and international shipments.

UPS On-Call Pickup® Service

Only ship occasionally but still need the convenience of an on-demand pickup? This one is right for you. UPS will pick up all packages with a single pickup request, either on the same day you make the request, or a date in the future.

UPS Saturday Pickup

Do you fill orders on the weekend? This service is ideal if you want the same delivery commitment as a Friday pickup. UPS will collect your package on a Saturday at your request. That allows you to fulfill weekend orders a day early. What's more, eligible UPS Ground packages can get delivered as early as Monday.


Need some more information on UPS pickup options? Worldwide Express can help.

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