Common Small Package Fees: Your Guide To UPS® Shipping Rates

Looking for ways to optimize your small package shipping and possibly save some cash in the process? Let’s start by learning about the most common accessorial fees and other variables that could be raising your UPS shipping rates.

In this handy e-guide from Worldwide Express (WWEX), we’ve outlined the most common accessorial fees that impact businesses like yours — and their UPS shipping rates.

What are accessorial charges?

Accessorials are additional services beyond standard transportation that are not included in base UPS shipping rates. Accessorial fees are the à la carte charges for these additional services such as UPS signature required, which are added by the carrier to your final bill.

By understanding the most common accessorial charges, you can plan ahead for additional UPS shipping expenses, prevent package delays, ensure your business gets the most value for your shipping dollar and receive the most accurate shipping quote upfront.

Download our guide to learn about some of the most common accessorial charges that could affect your UPS shipping rate, including

  • Residential surcharge
  • Pickup fees
  • Address correction fee
  • Additional handling fee
  • Large or oversized package surcharge

Other factors that impact UPS shipping rates

In addition to accessorial fees, there are other variables that can affect your UPS shipping rate. Make sure to understand the other factors that could be raising your rates, including:

  • Weight and size. The heavier the shipment, the heftier the rate. See UPS’ weight and size limits.
  • Dimensional (DIM) weight. An accurate dimensional weight will lead to a more accurate quote.
  • Distance. The further your package has to travel, the higher your UPS shipping rate will be.
  • Service level. If your UPS shipment is time sensitive, be prepared to pay extra to expedite its delivery.
  • Accuracy. Providing inaccurate package measurements could lead to unexpected parcel fees down the road.

How do I get shipping?

WWEX wants to help ensure your business shipping goes off without a hitch — starting with helping you get the best UPS shipping rates. Download our free e-guide to learn the ins and outs of small package accessorials and what your business can do to avoid unnecessary charges.

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