Helpful Hints for Your Small Package Shipping

Managing all your small package shipments is no small task. That’s where WE come in. Below you will find helpful tips and tricks to help you with your SpeedShip setup, shipping options with UPS and more.

SpeedShip®: The Shipping Tool Built for You

Worldwide Express’ proprietary, web-based software, SpeedShip, offers you the flexibility to create shipments any time, from anywhere. Tailored to your specific business needs, it allows you to easily pre-populate frequently used data, making it quicker and easier to get your packages out the door. We can even transfer your address book from your current shipping platform to get you up and running on SpeedShip in no time flat.

New User Setup
Your Worldwide Express Account Executive will set up your account and provide you with an administrative login that gives you the power to oversee your business.

Need to add a user?

  1. Log in to SpeedShip
  2. Navigate to Manage My Data
  3. Select User Logins
  4. Create new users by following the prompts. You can set preferences for each user to ensure that employees have access to the information or functions specific to their roles or responsibilities.

Forget your login information? Contact your Worldwide Express Account Executive or Account Manager for assistance accessing your account.

In SpeedShip, You Can:

  • Use the Rate Estimator to obtain accurate rates and transit times for your package
  • Add insurance to your package through UPS Capital® Insurance
  • Default handling charges to turn shipping into a profit center for your business
  • Cost-allocate your shipment to ease your back-end accounting burden
  • Store package and product lists to reduce shipping time on frequently replicated shipments
  • Create and email shipping labels to third parties, including customer return labels
  • Schedule pickups
  • Set email notifications for when a label is created, a package encounters an exception or delivery occurs
  • Run reports by package weight, spend, and sender within a certain date range

Start shipping today with our SpeedShip quick start guide.

UPS Service Comparison

We know your packages can’t afford to be delayed in transit. Choosing the right service type is the first step in ensuring your product gets there on time and fits your budget. Learn more about UPS options here.

UPS Shipment Insurance Coverage

Claims happen, but with the Flexible Parcel Insurance Program through UPS Capital Insurance Agency, Inc., we aim to make them as painless as possible. As a Worldwide Express customer, you are eligible for coverage at no enrollment cost to you. Coverage through the program goes above and beyond the carrier’s standard limits of liability by insuring goods up to the retail value in the event of loss or damage.

How much does it cost to add it to a shipment?
For small package shipments, the cost is $0.55 per $100 in value, with a minimum of $1.80. Keep in mind that if the value of the goods is not declared, the carrier’s limits of liability will apply – which covers a maximum value of $100 plus the cost of shipping.

How do you add it to your shipment?
When creating your shipment through SpeedShip, enter your package’s Insured Value (in USD) in the What are you shipping? section. Type the total value of the product you are sending and you’re covered!

How do you file a claim?
Filing a claim in the event of loss or damage is easier than ever.

  1. Log in to SpeedShip
  2. Navigate to Services
  3. Select Submit a UPS Claim from the Submit a Claim option

Make sure to have your product invoice, photos of your damaged goods, and photos of your damaged packages ready to make filing your claim as easy as possible.

Helpful Hints to Simplify Your Shipping

Ordering Supplies
Your Worldwide Express Account Executive or Account Manger will set you up with your first batch of supplies. Reordering supplies, including boxes, packs, tubes, and labels, is easy and no cost to you, using the following steps:

  1. Log in to SpeedShip
  2. Navigate to Services
  3. Select Order UPS Supplies

Did you know? Using appropriately sized boxes for your shipment is important to ensure you’re getting the rates you expect and your package is safeguarded in transit. We encourage you to use a new box for each shipment you make.

Utilizing Mailing Lists
Mailing lists help you quickly create labels for multiple identical shipments going to varying addresses.

  1. Log in to SpeedShip
  2. Navigate to Manage My Data
  3. Select UPS Mailing Lists
  4. Create your named Mailing List (e.g., Annual Report Mailing)
  5. Add contacts from your address book and select Finished when complete

When you’re ready to ship, select Ship to Mailing List in the Ship menu, and print your labels.

Creating a Multi-Lot Shipment
Save time and effort on multi-lot shipments by changing the desired Number of Packages in the What are you shipping? section of SpeedShip. Specify the size, weight, and declared value of each package within the shipment, or use the same values for all packages.

Billing a Third Party
You can create shipments through your account without paying from your account. Select Bill a Third Party from the Bill Shipping Charges to menu in the How would you like to pay? section, and enter that party’s account number.

Using Reports
Use SpeedShip’s Reports tool to audit your shipping activity and control costs by getting a better view on spend By Weight, By Service, and more. Want to know where to target potential customers as your business grows? Look at your shipping By State to see where your customers are – and where new ones might be!

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