Parcel vs Freight: What To Know When Adding LTL and FTL to Your Small Package Shipping

As a parcel shipper, did you know that you can sometimes save money and increase operational efficiency by moving your shipments by freight? You can! Freight provides many options for larger products or shipments that can be bundled together on pallets. But knowing exactly when to leverage parcel vs freight can sometimes be difficult.

Worldwide Express is here to help! Below, we have included a variety of tools and resources that will help you understand freight basics, when to choose full truckload (FTL) vs less than truckload (LTL) and how to save money while utilizing freight shipping. If you need further assistance, reach out for help!

Freight Basics


Freight FAQ: Learn the Freight Basics

Freight Shipping

Basic Freight Shipping Definitions

How to avoid freight shipping delays

Tips on How To Avoid Shipping Delays

Guide to Freight Services

Freight Services Guide

Choosing Between LTL and FTL Shipping


LTL Freight Shipping: Top Questions Answered


Benefits of FTL Freight Shipping


Add LTL Freight to Your Shipping Toolkit


LTL vs. FTL freight: What’s the difference?


When It Makes Sense To Move From LTL to FTL Freight

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LTL vs FTL shipping: How Volume LTL and Partial Truckload Compare

Cost Savings


Common Freight Accessorial Charges


How To Manage Freight Fuel Surcharges & Cut Costs


A Freight Bill Audit Can Save You Money


How To Dispute Accessorial Charges


Freight Claims and Coverage Options Defined

How to avoid freight shipping delays

Tips on How To Avoid Shipping Delays


Tips for Keeping Shipping Costs Low


UPS Weight Limits and When To Consider LTL Freight

Freight Class

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Freight Class Guide: Basics of Freight Classification


Freight Classification Demystified


NMFC Codes vs. Freight Class: Understand the Difference


My Freight Got Reclassified. What Do I Do Now?

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Freight Density Calculator for LTL Shipping

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