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Freight Class: Learn the Basics

Take your first look at freight classification, and it might seem like you're reading a foreign language. There are acronyms to learn. Codes to decipher. Classes to consider.

But here's the thing: All those seemingly unusual and potentially unfamiliar elements have a clear and logical purpose in freight shipping. And just like the words form the building blocks of a language, the elements of freight classification fit together to convey clear and logical concepts.

Best of all, you can learn these freight classification terms far more quickly than learning a new language. In fact, get your head around some key concepts, and you'll be able to complete your bill of lading with confidence and precision, get an accurate freight quote and avoid costly delays and reclassification fees.

To speed up that process, we've put together this quick guide to explain in clear terms what an NMFC code is, break down the factors that affect your class, and give you helpful hints on the ways to determine your shipment’s class.

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Freight Class