Your Packing Checklist to Decrease Dimensional Weight

As a shipper, you're probably aware that there is more to getting a parcel shipping quote than placing your parcel on a scale. In fact, the process of getting accurate shipping rates involves something known as dimensional weight or DIM weight — a variable that looks at how dense a package is, or the amount of space it occupies relative to its actual weight.

Our guide to help you navigate dimensional weight

The process of understanding, determining, and decreasing your DIM weight can be confusing for small package shippers that are not entirely familiar with the term or process. That is why we have created the Packing Checklist to Decrease DIM Weight tip sheet. In this guide, you will learn valuable information, including:

  • The definition of DIM weight and how it impacts parcel shipping rates
  • How to accurately calculate dimensional weight
  • Packaging tips for greater cost savings
  • How Worldwide Express can help with your DIM strategy

This tip sheet draws on our decades of experience as a leading third-party logistics (3PL) provider, helping small and mid-sized businesses optimize and manage every aspect of their parcel shipping operations.

Become a Small Package and DIM Weight Pro

Download the Packing Checklist to Decrease DIM Weight tip sheet today to learn how to navigate DIM weight for greater parcel cost savings.

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