Does it feel like you’re always chasing the clock to get shipments out the door? For many small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), shipping isn’t a high priority – leading to a lack of processes and efficiency. When businesses work without a shipping strategy, they create more work, hassle and leave room for mistakes. In the end, they’re spending more time figuring things out than getting things done.

The truth is, there are efficiencies all around your parcel and freight shipping operations – you just might need a point in the right direction. In our e-guide, we offer 12 small business shipping tips that will jumpstart your shipping strategy and put you on a path to smarter shipping. The guide covers key areas of your operations, including:

  • Improving internal processes – Refining internal processes builds a solid foundation to your shipping. Here we cover how you can build routines and leverage tools that benefit your team and shipping partners.
  • Working with customers – A good shipper always keeps the customer in mind. Working backwards from the recipient, you can establish a customer-friendly strategy that beats the clock and encourages stronger relationships.
  • Turning carrier relationships into partnerships – Like it or not, carriers ultimately dictate the success of your shipments. Becoming a shipper of choice will make things easier for them and benefits you in the end.

Learn more about time-saving SMB shipping tips to introduce simple-yet-effective best practices into every shipment.

Use our small business shipping tips to make shipping your superpower

Even if it’s not a strength today, building a stronger shipping operation revitalizes your entire organization – leading to leaner operations and overall costs of moving shipments. The truth is every business can use an expert’s eye to uncover opportunities in their shipping strategy. Worldwide Express is dedicated to helping SMBs develop world-class shipping operations, regardless of resources and team size. Connect with us to find out how we can shave time off your shipping tasks while improving your carrier and customer relationships.