Get Complete Coverage With Freight Insurance

For some shippers, relying on the carrier’s limits of liability is an acceptable way to protect their freight shipping in transit — even if it may not cover the full value of lost or damaged goods. But don’t forget that carrier liability is not the same as shipment insurance!

In our downloadable tip sheet, we’ve outlined the benefits of selecting freight shipping insurance with UPS Capital Insurance Agency, Inc. Through our partnership with UPS Capital, Worldwide Express helps keep your freight shipments safe and alleviates the hassle of lengthy claims processes. By understanding the differences between carrier liability and shipment insurance, you can make an educated decision about which level of protection is best suited for your business.

What does freight carrier liability cover?

Carrier liability states the maximum amount a carrier can be held liable for in the event of damage, loss or delays to your freight shipping. Typically, this limit is based on the condition and size of the freight, its packaging and its freight class – regardless of the actual value of the shipment.

The biggest limit to carrier liability is that the shipper must prove that the damage was the carrier’s fault, which can often be difficult to prove. Carrier liability also has other limitations when compared to freight shipping insurance:

  • Carrier liability is typically exempt from covering weather- and disaster-related loss or damage, which is covered with shipment insurance.
  • Carriers have 120 days to resolve a claim, while claims with shipment insurance are typically resolved within just 10 days.
  • When working with the carrier, it can be difficult to file a claim for concealed damage once the delivery receipt has been signed. However, shippers have 30 days to discover damage and file a claim with freight shipping insurance.

Is your freight fully covered?

If you want the peace of mind that your freight shipping is completely covered in the event of damage or a loss, it’s time to invest in industry-leading shipment protection through the UPS Capital Shipment Insurance Program. With a variety of coverage options at affordable rates, this program reduces the risk associated with loss or damage and insures your freight shipments up to their retail value — above and beyond the standard protection offered by most carrier’s limits of liability.

Without freight shipping insurance, you risk losing money and value on your lost, stolen or damaged shipments. Luckily, as a Worldwide Express customer, all you have to do is check a box on our online transportation management system, SpeedShip®, to request coverage — protecting your shipments is really that simple!

Download our helpful tip sheet to learn more about the time- and cost-saving benefits of freight shipping insurance.

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