How To Navigate Documentation for International Package Shipping

Have you thought about joining the growing number of companies that are adding international parcel shipping to their business model? If not, it might be time. The global economy is knocking down roadblocks that once persisted for small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs) like you. Still, it can be a challenge for some companies, particularly when it comes to international shipping documents.

International parcel shipping documents explained!

In our guide, International Package Shipping Documents: Your Guide To Exporting, we explain the difference between domestic documents and those that are used for global shipping. We also dive into:

  • Types of documents — Learn more about Commercial Invoices, Certificates or Origin and other essential international shipping documents.
  • International shipping data — See the potential that international shipping provides companies and how it can impact your bottom line.
  • How it works — Find out how products get from the United States to destinations all around the world via air, sea or cross-border shipping.
  • 3PL advantage — Learn about the benefits of working with a third-party logistics (3PL) provider and how they can streamline your international shipping.

Ready to utilize small package shipping to reach a global audience?

Worldwide Express is part of the largest non-retail authorized reseller of UPS® in the country. We help shippers just like you manage their UPS international shipping documents. We also help them develop global shipping strategies that cut costs and increase profits all while maintaining dependable parcel services. Download our International Package Shipping Documents: Your Guide To Exporting and start your exporting journey.

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