Third Party Logistics – Your One-Stop (Shipping) Shop

Have you ever watched one of those old movies from the 1950s with a scene of a car pulling into a filling station? As soon as the driver rolls up, a team springs into action — one starts pumping gas, while another checks the air in the tires. A third worker cleans the windshield, while a fourth pops the hood to check out oil and fluid levels. Within minutes, the driver is ready to roll, with all of their car’s needs attended to.

The days of that kind of service at a gas station are long in the past, but the concept of the “one-stop shop” is alive and well when it comes to shipping.

Even when everything seems perfectly stable, we know you still have a million things on your mind as you run your business. All the different facets of your transportation needs don’t have to be among them. That’s where the concept of a one-stop shipping shop comes in. Far from quaint, it’s the exact thing that many small and mid-sized businesses need right now.

One of the best aspects of partnering with a trusted third-party logistics provider (3PL) like Worldwide Express means you have far fewer variables to manage and more time to focus on the important things. A trusted 3PL partner like Worldwide Express (WWEX) exists to lighten your load and ensure that your shipping processes become the last thing you have to worry about.

Here are a few ways that a 3PL like WWEX is your number one shipping ally, now and always:

  • One point of shipping contact means not having to deal with multiple vendors who won’t be able to provide customized solutions for your business. Worldwide Express provides you with a local expert who learns about you and your business’s needs, proposes solutions, and then stays by your side every step of your shipping journey. If questions or issues arise, one phone call to one expert gets things handled.
  • One consolidated invoice means you can see all your shipping expenses in the same place and at the same time, making budget planning and maintenance a breeze. No more hunting through stacks of paper or emails to track things down or ensure that everything is in good order. Your consolidated Worldwide Express invoice provides at-a-glance information on all costs associated with your shipment, and consolidates all your shipments onto one invoice, regardless of the number of carriers you use.
  • One set of combined volumes across a large customer base. Lower shipping rates for small to mid-size businesses like yours are made possible because WWEX combines your individual volume with many other small shippers to obtain volume-related options and rate reductions generally afforded to some of the largest companies in the nation.
  • One unified, automated technology system brings your shipping information to one place and simplifies order entry, reporting, tracking and insurance handling. Our SpeedShip® transportation management system helps you quickly and easily create shipments, compare rates, consolidate your billing, and much more. Overseeing all your shipments at the same time through an intuitive, at-a-glance experience is the experience you and your business deserve.

Your Worldwide team is standing by right now to serve as your one-stop shipping shop. Whether you’re looking for the latest in logistics technology, the best shipping options, or incredible rates, Worldwide uses the power of one to make your shipping pop with just one stop.