Is your business a shipper of choice? It’s an important question that companies need to consider, especially in times when consumer demand is skyrocketing. Carriers are not short on business. That means when capacity is tight they can be picky about which shippers they do business with. In some cases, that decision might come down to simply selecting parcel or freight loads that are hassle-free.

Fortunately, companies have the opportunity to be proactive and put  processes in place that help them become a shipper of choice. There’s no official checklist or certification involved. But there are known tactics that will earn you a space on trucks and help you maintain a healthy carrier and shipper relationship.

As a leading third-party logistics (3PL) provider, Worldwide Express (WWEX) helps shippers just like you navigate carrier and capacity issues and learn how to have a great carrier and shipper relationship. Here are the key services and solutions we offer that get products moved in challenging times.

Personalized support and guidance for shippers

By design, a shipping carrier seeks out shippers who run their operations like a well-oiled machine — in other words, companies that have fewer, shall we say, complications (aka, don’t be a pain in the neck). To help in this regard, WWEX uses its decades of experience and industry expertise to help small and mid-sized companies set up best practices at all levels of their shipping operations, whether their shipments are parcel or freight.

In fact, our customers are supported by a complete account team who helps them with all their shipping needs — whether it’s minor tweaks, major overhauls during times of change or support for escalated items that need immediate attention. Shipping carriers take note and respect how our customers can adapt to change, think on their feet and, in the end, make their job easier.

Online tools to simplify the carrier and shipper relationship

Over the past couple of decades, technology has obviously changed the way shipping is managed. To help customers keep up with shipping carrier expectations in this area, we offer innovative, online tools to ensure streamlined transactions and communications. These tools include:

  • SpeedShip® for UPS® — This easy-to-use proprietary transportation management system (TMS) can be tailored to unique needs, helping customers quickly create UPS shipments and manage them from start to finish — from anywhere.
  • SpeedShip for freight — Our same TMS that helps simplify parcel shipments also allows you to get freight out the door quickly and easily. You can seamlessly compare carriers and rates — and create and track existing shipments, consolidate invoicing and accomplish many other essential tasks.
  • E-commerce integrations — SpeedShip easily integrates with leading e-commerce platforms and shopping carts to help customers easily manage and ship orders online, streamlining the entire fulfillment process.

Helpful parcel and freight shipping resources

Learning how to become a shipper of choice does take some research. That’s why we consistently publish parcel and freight resources that help shippers make better decisions. From best practices in both freight and parcel shipping, to more generalized shipping tips and news. We leverage our internal shipping experts to dig into the questions and concerns that you have as a shipper. Here are three examples:

Expertise in strengthening the carrier and shipper relationship

Worldwide Express puts great effort into building long-lasting relationships with the nation’s leading LTL and truckload carriers — all to provide you with top rates, space on trucks when capacity is tight and the status of shipper of choice. Whether you need expedited freight shipping services, local economy-conscious options or international solutions, we’ll expertly pair you with the right options. And we can accomplish this because of our deep connections and mutually beneficial relationships with freight shipping carriers.

We’re also part of the largest non-retail Authorized Reseller of UPS in the nation. That means we combine our experience with that of the carrier with the best on-time delivery rates in the business. This relationship allows us to guide you in parcel shipping best practices, so you maintain a strong and healthy relationship with UPS.

A reputation that puts you at the front of the line

Worldwide Express is recognized as one of the leading third-party logistics companies in the nation, providing shippers with the solutions they need to streamline processes. Carriers will know you are a shipper of choice when you work with us. And that’s not just a marketing slogan. Our reputation proceeds us, and we have the industry recognitions to prove it:

  • #1 Largest Non-Retail Authorized Reseller of UPS
  • #2 Largest Privately Held Freight Broker in the U.S.
  • #4 Freight Brokerage — Transport Topics (2022)
  • #14 Largest Logistics Company in North America — Transport Topics (2022)

Let WWEX help you with all your shipping needs

At Worldwide Express, we’ve spent more than 30 years handling logistics for tens of thousands of businesses like yours all over the country. We specialize in helping small to mid-sized companies get the most out of their shipping experience. And we do that through our unmatched combination of carrier relationships, industry expertise, sophisticated technology, unbeatable rates and personalized service.

To learn more on how to become a shipper of choice and what we can do to take your shipping to the next level, schedule a complimentary, custom shipping consultation with our experts today!