Using Reverse Logistics Solutions To Maximize Parcel Returns

Did you know implementing reverse logistics solutions can increase your company’s revenue and customer satisfaction while ensuring your products don’t end up in landfills? It can! However, many shippers today find it difficult to navigate reverse logistics strategies and the sometimes-complex nature of parcel returns.

This is particularly challenging for companies that are hesitant to spend money on parcel return shipping, or perhaps don’t understand the value of returned products regardless of the shape the shipments are in when they are returned to warehouses.

Get the Parcel Return Service You Need

Worldwide Express is a leading third-party logistics (3PL) provider that helps shippers of all sizes with their most challenging shipping obstacles. That includes providing e-commerce solutions and top UPS shipping rates.

In our e-guide, Parcel Returns and Reverse Logistics Solutions: A 5-step Guide, we outline the requirements of an efficient express returns and exchanges program, including:

  • Creating a parcel returns policy.
  • Collecting and analyzing returns data.
  • Setting up return logistics.
  • Establishing a warehouse process.
  • Determining next steps for products based on usability.

We also examine how a 3PL can help shippers utilize reverse logistics services to become more profitable and keep customers happy. 3PLs can provide solutions for warehousing, technology, staff, product sorting, shipping and all aspects of your parcel returns strategy.

Worldwide Express Helps Shippers With Efficient Reverse Logistics Solutions

For more than 30 years, Worldwide Express has helped shippers save money and increase operational efficiency by shipping smarter and with greater agility. As part of the largest non-retail authorized reseller of UPS ® solutions in the nation, we are experts in providing companies of all sizes with parcel shipping solutions including strategies for express returns and exchanges.

Download our Parcel Returns and Reverse Logistics Solutions: A 5-step Guide today to learn more. If you are ready to speak to an expert, reach out for a free consultation!