5 Considerations for Choosing the Right Parcel Carrier for Your Business

Finding a parcel carrier for your business may seem easy enough. In fact, you have probably been approached by multiple companies and shipping partners offering to fulfill your small package shipping needs. But finding the right one takes research, analysis and a bit of match making.

But not to worry! Worldwide Express is here to help. The following list shows what to consider when evaluating small package carriers. And when in doubt, you can seek the help of a reputable third-party logistics (3PL) provider that partners with a leading parcel carrier like UPS®.

1. Geographic Coverage for Your Parcel Shipping Needs

Different small package carriers can serve different geographic areas. That simply means they can ship to local, regional, national and/or global shipping destinations. When selecting a parcel carrier, first consider where your customers and suppliers are located and whether you have geographically diverse needs or plan to branch out in the future. If so, a national or global carrier can cover all your bases.

If your parcel shipping needs are closer to home, a local or regional carrier may be the right choice. In any case, be sure to select a carrier that provides or has access to last-mile delivery options. That can save you time and money and ensure your packages are delivered by deadline.

2. Well-rounded Parcel Shipping Knowledge

You’ve put a lot of work into your business and need a parcel carrier that understands your shipping needs. That’s why you should choose a carrier that is familiar with your industry and can help select the parcel service options that best fit your shipping strategy. They should also be able to get more granular and offer advice on things like the right packaging for your parcels and possibly even offer free packing supplies.

Also, verify that the carrier offers the equipment needed for your product’s safe transport and delivery. You may also want to ask how they handle perishable goods and fragile items, and whether they are qualified to deliver dangerous goods and hazardous materials. Selecting a carrier with this level of expertise will help ensure your product is delivered intact and on time.

3. Commitment to Professionalism and Customer Relationships

Your business reputation goes beyond the customers’ initial purchases. The delivery experience can also have an impact on how your business is perceived by customers. They expect professional carriers to deliver their packages by deadline and in perfect condition. When researching parcel carriers, ask questions to better understand their philosophy regarding driver-receiver relationships and learn about their percentages of filed shipping claims. In short, be careful not to taint your brand by choosing a small package carrier that is not willing to make the extra effort to create positive shipping experiences for your customers.

4. Full Suite of Parcel Shipping Options and Cost Savings

You might be prone to first ask about the carrier’s shipping costs. While that’s important to your budget, you’re better served by initially focusing on how the parcel carrier’s service options fit into your business strategy. Ask yourself:

When you’re satisfied with the carrier’s answers to these questions, then ask about pricing and rates, discounts, fees and surcharges and how they can save you money!

5. Innovative Parcel Shipping Technology Solutions

Your company will benefit from carriers that use high-performance technology like a transportation management system (TMS) and API integration solutions that provide secure and efficient functionality and online tracking for shipment visibility. Parcel carriers that use GPS for dynamic routing can offer faster delivery while providing safeguards against delays. Handheld devices for scanning packages and collecting signatures upon delivery give shippers confidence that their products were delivered to the right person.

Also, look for a carrier with trucks and vans that are equipped with temperature-tracking devices for food, pharmaceutical supplies and other perishable products. You may not need those parcel shipping services immediately, but you may in the future.

Lean On a 3PL for Small Package Shipping Solutions

With the abundance of carriers in the marketplace, you could be searching for a long time and still be unsure who to partner with. But there’s help! Some 3PLs partner with leading parcel carriers and help shippers like you navigate services and solutions. Plus, carriers often negotiate pricing with 3PLs in exchange for higher volumes of shipping, and those prices get passed down to you. You’ll feel confident knowing professional small package carriers are handling your shipments at a value that fits your budget.

Worldwide Express Partners With UPS for Top Parcel Shipping Solutions

Worldwide Express is part of the largest authorized non-retail reseller of UPS in the nation. We leverage this relationship to provide parcel shipping reliability, cost savings and efficiency to thousands of small package shippers.

We are also part of WWEX Group, one of the largest and most established full-service 3PLs in the nation which also includes sister brands GlobalTranz and Unishippers. The combination of these three companies provides us with financial stability and industry expertise, ensuring shippers like you receive the solutions you need during prosperous and turbulent times.

Ready to learn more about our UPS shipping solutions? Reach out for a free consultation today.