What is a safety data sheet? 5 facts you should know.

Hazardous materials are highly regulated commodities in the shipping world and rightfully require diligent care during transit. One of the most important items required for hazmat shipping is a safety data sheet (SDS) — formerly known as a material safety data sheet (MSDS). These hazmat shipping papers are essential, and companies who ship or will ship hazmat products in the future need to be fully aware of them.

Your Guide To Safety Data Sheets

SDS documents are required for any hazmat shipment. They contain vital information about hazmat classes and a shipment’s contents for safety and environmental purposes. You can even use your SDS document as a resource when completing your hazmat bill of lading. To learn more about this essential documentation, download our 5 Things You Should Know About Safety Data Sheets. Here you will learn about SDS functions and requirements and get answers to questions, including:

  • What is the purpose of safety data sheets?
  • Who fills out and handles SDS documents?
  • What is required for these hazardous shipping papers?
  • What happens if a safety data sheet is not filled out?
  • How are they used during potential accidents and spillage?

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