Are you missing out by shipping LTL vs FTL?

For many small to mid-sized business (SMB) shippers, less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping provides a prime opportunity for transporting freight. However, some SMB shippers may be missing out on saving both time and money by shipping only LTL and not exploring their full truckload (FTL) shipping options.

These shippers may think that LTL freight shipments are their only option for smaller loads - It's typically less costly to ship LTL since shipments share space with other businesses. But FTL shipping may actually be a better choice for a variety of reasons. Keep reading to discover the differences between shipping LTL vs FTL and to find out if FTL freight shipping services are right for your business.

When to Choose FLT Shipping Over LTL Freight Services

LTL shipping is a great choice for businesses that ship freight that's not fragile or time- or temperature-sensitive. These businesses save on shipping costs by sharing cargo space with other shippers. But sharing space also means sharing time.

When shipped via LTL, freight is loaded and unloaded at multiple destinations, making transit times longer. This can potentially cost more than money and time for some companies. Late, damaged or lost shipments can result in loss of product integrity and potentially a tainted business reputation. For these shippers, adding FTL shipping to their repertoire makes good business sense.

In this list, we break down several of the reasons why FTL could be a better shipping choice than LTL for SMB shippers.

Greater security for valuable freight

After FTL shipments are loaded in the cargo space, the driver applies a seal to the trailer door that isn't removed until the truck reaches its destination. For additional security, some carriers use a GPS and shipment tracking system, which notifies the shipper if the truck goes off the planned route. Work with a 3PL like Worldwide Express that can identify reputable carriers with high-tech tracking equipment.

Lower damage risk

As LTL shipments are loaded and unloaded at multiple stops or rearranged to make space for other shipments, the extra handling and exposure pose a risk for damage/droppage. FTL freight is only handled when loading the truck at pickup and unloading it at drop off, meaning your freight is significantly less likely to be damaged due to handling. Make sure you are working with trusted carriers who will take care of your freight by working with a reputable 3PL like Worldwide Express to book your freight shipments.

More space for oversized or bulky shipments

When shipping LTL freight, shippers share the cost of the truck based on the dimensional weight of each shipment. A large, oversized shipment may be too big and therefore cost extra when shipped via LTL, where it's more economical to ship it by FTL and have the entire cargo space to yourself. Speak to a Worldwide Express shipping expert to find the dimensional weight of your shipment and to discover which of our many shipping services is the right fit for your unique shipping needs.

Faster transit times for high-demand and time-sensitive freight

Time-sensitive freight will fare better with direct, door-to-door shipping through FTL. Carriers can guarantee delivery times because they work with only one shipper per truckload, and there's no worry if you don't completely fill the trailer to capacity. You don't have to take up the entire cargo space of the truck to use the service. If you ship time-sensitive or high-demand freight, work with a trusted 3PL like Worldwide Express to find top solutions that are sure to get your shipments from A to B safely and on time.

Individual attention for your shipment

Everyone likes a little one-on-one attention from time to time! With FTL freight shipping, the driver only has your shipment to handle. It's a perfect solution for shipping artwork, antiques, artifacts, and other fragile, precious, and sentimental items. If you have specialty goods or valuable cargo, you'll want to partner with a 3PL to ensure that your goods are being taken care of in the best way possible.

Avoid spills or leakage

Some hazardous materials and dangerous goods must be transported separately to avoid potential reactions. Accidental leakage or spillage of certain chemicals during transit can harm or contaminate other products. Your 3PL expert can identify the types of products that need to be shipped by themselves via FTL freight shipping services.

Specialized equipment

FTL shipping services include a variety of equipment for shipping nearly any type of product. From reefer trucks for perishable goods to box trucks and sprinter vans for smaller loads to flatbed trucks for oversized or odd-shaped shipments, and beyond. When you work with a 3PL like WWEX, you'll have a full range of transport equipment to choose from. In fact, WWEX has longstanding relationships with more than 85,000 FTL carriers across the nation.

Consolidated freight

Businesses shipping less than 12 pallets at a time may be ideal candidates for LTL shipping services. However, if those shipments are frequent enough, it may actually save shippers money when they choose to ship fewer shipments via FTL freight services. Work with a 3PL like Worldwide Express to see if condensing your shipments could help you save.

FTL Logistics Solutions You Can Count On

SMB shippers may see FTL solutions as services only available to larger companies when, in reality, FTL shipping solutions can benefit an array of businesses of all sizes. At Worldwide Express, we allow businesses to act bigger than they are by providing connections to 85,000+ FTL carriers across the nation. That means we have the solutions, connections and resources you need to step up your shipping game. Request your free consultation today to see if shipping FTL is right for your business.