Protect the Planet (and your Business) the Smart Way With a SmartWay Certified Partner

In a relatively short time, “sustainability” has gone from a minor buzzword to a major factor in many aspects of our personal and professional lives, including shipping. Because of the size of the logistics industry, transportation pollution can make a noteworthy contribution to climate change. For example, nearly a million tons of cardboard ends up in landfills each year, and ten million tons of plastic containers and packaging that can’t be recycled end up as trash as well. As the logistics industry continues to grow, this impact will only increase.

As the need for sustainable shipping practices grows, so does public awareness of the issue. Customers are increasingly making purchasing decisions based on business’ commitment to sustainability. In fact, nearly nine out of ten shoppers want brands to help them live more sustainable lives. So besides being good for the planet, being a greener shipper can benefit your bottom line through savvy customer acquisition and retention!

Committing to being a greener shipper means choosing partners and carriers that share your commitment and can help you identify improvements in your operations. Recognizing the growing need for this type of sustainable shipping education and accountability, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) launched the groundbreaking SmartWay® program in 2004.

Let’s take a closer look at this powerful, planet-protecting program, what it has accomplished, and how your business can benefit from a relationship with a SmartWay Transport Partner.

What is the Environmental Protection Agency’s SmartWay program?

SmartWay is a voluntary program that encourages carriers, logistics companies and shippers to cut back on their emissions and be more conscientious of their impact on the environment. The EPA’s goal behind SmartWay was to create a transportation partnership that helps companies and shippers become stakeholders in measuring, benchmarking and improving transportation efficiency.

How does the EPA SmartWay program work?

The SmartWay program consists of three core components:

  • The SmartWay Transport Partnership. Any company or carrier that ships, manages, or moves freight can register as a SmartWay Transport Partner. These partners receive resources from the EPA to benchmark their carbon footprint, and get the metrics and data they need to make better ongoing impact reduction decisions.
  • The SmartWay Brand. The EPA and SmartWay Partners use the SmartWay brand to raise awareness of the need to increase transportation sustainability and communicate their shared commitment to this goal.
  • SmartWay Global Collaboration. Though it’s a U.S. government agency, the EPA collaborates with a large group of global organizations and policymakers to help them model their transportation sustainability programs after SmartWay.

Has SmartWay been successful?

Absolutely. Since the program’s inception fewer than 20 years ago, SmartWay certified carriers and partners have avoided emitting more than 100 million metric tons of air pollution, saved more than 200 million barrels of oil, and saved nearly $30 billion in fuel costs.

Why is Worldwide Express a SmartWay certified partner?

WWEX is proud to be a registered SmartWay Transport Partner. As a leading third-party logistics (3PL) provider, we recognize the impact that transportation pollution has on climate change, and are committed to doing our part to help mitigate it.

We also recognize the role we can play in influencing our carrier partners through our partnership with SmartWay and choosing to align with carriers that share our sustainability mindset on reducing transportation pollution.

How can my business benefit & move towards sustainable shipping?

As a proud SmartWay partner, WWEX can leverage this program to help you identify and implement sustainability improvements across your supply chain operations, as well as help you select the carriers that best align to your green commitment. Protecting the planet and protecting your bottom line don’t have to be mutually exclusive when you pick the right logistics partner.

Get started with a custom consultation to see how WWEX’s SmartWay participation and our team of local shipping experts can leverage this partnership to benefit your business today and for a greener future.

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