Dodge Oversized Freight Overload

When it’s time to handle oversized full truckload shipping, you don’t want to look like a deer in headlights. The logistics and details can be daunting. There are federal regulations for size and weight limits, and individual states have rules as well to keep their roadways, bridges and drivers safe. Due to these complications, going from Point A to Point B becomes less straightforward.

To help shippers see past these challenges, Worldwide Express created a short-and-sweet checklist that brings the big pieces together. Using the checklist, you’ll learn how to go through oversized freight shipping with confidence. This includes:

  • Determining if your freight is oversized, based on weight and dimensional size
  • Preparing details for permits and carrier needs
  • Keys to finding the right carrier for your oversized freight
  • Considerations for specialty freight services such as escort drivers

Because of the extra logistics and costs of these large shipments, it’s important to build a process and pay extra attention to the details. One wrong move and your shipment could be held up for compliance issues or stuck on a bridge. Our checklist cuts through the confusion and gets right to what you need to do to keep your cargo moving forward.

Helping you through tough projects like oversized shipping is just the beginning of what Worldwide Express offers freight shippers. With a network of more than 85,000 full truckload freight carriers and a dedicated support team, small and mid-sized businesses get access to the transportation partners they need and the expert support that ensures successful shipments.

Let us handle your oversized freight services

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