Pros and Cons of Blind Shipping and How To Use It to Your Advantage

Have you thought about adding blind shipping to your business strategy? You’re not alone. Many shippers today are utilizing this logistics solution to save time and cut costs. Simply put, blind shipments allow you to ship to your customer directly from a manufacturer/supplier while keeping the identity of the latter anonymous. This prevents the customer from going around you and doing business with the manufacturer on their own.

Alternatively, double blind shipping keeps both parties anonymous to protect your business even further. Both can be effective business tactics — if you approach them strategically.

What You Should Know About Blind Shipments

While blind shipping companies of all sizes have seen great success with this shipping method, there are both benefits and challenges to consider before you decide to utilize this strategy.

In our tip sheet, Your Guide To the Pros and Cons of Blind Shipping, we outline five advantages and challenges associated with this solution so you can make an informed decision on whether to incorporate it. They include:

Pros of Blind Shipping

  • You can mark up prices without customers seeing what you paid for the products.
  • Suppliers remain anonymous so customers can’t bypass your business to get a lower price.
  • Shipping directly to the customer doesn’t require you to have warehouse space or assets.

Cons of Blind Shipping

  • Oversight of product quality is very limited, which can impact customer relationships.
  • Suppliers will charge additional fees to handle your shipping services.
  • Customers may not be able to access product information, which can lead to mistrust.

Worldwide Express Can Help You Navigate Blind Shipments

Worldwide Express is an industry-leading, third-party logistics (3PL) provider offering top parcel and freight shipping solutions to thousands of companies across the country. We help shippers determine if blind shipping is a strategy that is right for their business model, and then help them incorporate it into their shipping operations.

Download our Guide To the Pros and Cons of Blind Shipping today. If you are ready to learn how to blind ship, reach out to Worldwide Express for a free consultation!