FAQ: How To Read Your SpeedShip® Shipping Invoices

A shipping invoice is an integral part of shipping that customers must utilize on a consistent basis. Definitionally, shipping invoices provide vital details about shipments and are legal documents that must accompany products that are being shipped.

They’re also great tools for understanding where you spend your money and how you can save on expenses. However, many shippers don’t completely understand these shipping documents, which can impact their bottom line and create inefficiencies.

In this FAQ, we answer the shipping invoice questions we are asked the most by Worldwide Express customers just like you. If you need additional help, reach out to your account team!

A: Once you’re logged into SpeedShip, our transportation management system, select the “Pay” option in the top navigation. A list of your shipping invoices will appear. You can sort invoices by Status (due soon, paid, due today), Type (less-than-truckload, full truckload, small package) and other options. Once you find the shipping invoice you are looking for, simply click on the invoice number (highlighted in blue) and you will be able to view the document.

A: Your shipping invoice provides you with a wealth of information. They include important details like the names of consignor and consignee, date of shipment, origin and destination points, number of packages and a description of the freight. It’s a complete record of everything you need to know about a shipment.

A: Once you find your shipping invoice, you can simply view a web version of the document and seek the information you need. However, you can also download the invoice as a PDF or XLS document to your computer or device and print it if needed. There is also a sharing function where you can send the document to others as a PDF or XLS.

A: There are many ways to customize your invoices in our transportation management system. Some of those allow you to:

  • Create separate shipping invoices for every shipment or combine multiple shipments on a single invoice.
  • Set a minimum dollar amount that must be reached before you are invoiced.
  • Determine whether you want your invoices emailed or faxed in addition to viewing them in SpeedShip.
  • Combine freight shipping invoices separately from parcel or batch both types together.
  • Determine whether you want to be invoiced daily, weekly or monthly.

A: Once you click “Pay” in the top navigation of the transportation management system, you will see a list of your invoices. Below those, you will see options to “Pay All Outstanding” or “Make a Payment”. You can also click on the three dots in each invoice row, and you will find an option to “Pay Full Invoice” for each individual invoice. You also have multiple payment method options available, including choosing one that is already saved. We make it easy!

A: Accessorial fees are often referred to as “unexpected fees.” They sometimes are a surprise charge to shippers, when in fact they are legitimate expenses. Specifically, these charges occur when carriers perform additional services and/or utilize special equipment during a delivery. Common fees include:

  • Residential surcharge
  • Address correction fee
  • Additional handling fee
  • Large or oversized package surcharge
  • Inside delivery or pickup
  • Liftgate services
  • Redelivery fee

If you feel you were incorrectly charged an accessorial fee on your parcel or freight shipping invoice, contact your account team and they will help you resolve the matter.

A: The price of diesel fuel fluctuates daily, creating unpredictability for carriers regarding how much they will be paying for fuel. To account for increased prices, carriers add a fuel surcharge to account for cost changes from the time of booking your freight to the time of delivery. This helps them offset their transportation costs. In all honesty, there isn’t much you can do about these charges. All carriers are impacted by fluctuating fuel costs. The best advice is to be aware of them and plan accordingly for potential fuel cost increases.

Worldwide Express Can Help Answer All Your Shipping Questions

If you need more help understanding your invoices — or any of your shipping documentation — reach out to your account manager. They can walk you through the steps of viewing, downloading and paying invoices. They can also provide additional details on information in your invoice so you can look for cost savings.

Worldwide Express is always there for you. Reach out to your account team today!