Moving Past Today’s Challenges

Jumpstart Truckload Innovation with WWEX

Last year's challenges are still here today. Freight trucks are full due to climbing e-commerce activity and more containers are coming into ports than transportation companies can carry. Some docks are backed up more than 30 ocean liners deep – meaning the capacity logjam will continue for the foreseeable future. Also, thousands of truck drivers and warehouse workers lost their jobs in Q4 and Q1, compounding an already tough labor market. Costs aren't doing much better. Diesel prices continue to climb  week after week – resulting in increased costs for shippers. In short – things could be better.

There is good news though. First, you made it through the challenges and showed great resiliency! Second, now that the challenges are set, you can address them. That's where we come in.

Opportunities to build consistency into your budget and shipments are all around. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Learn more about costs.

We know that tight carrier capacity and rising prices at the pump results in greater costs for shippers. What about costs you can avoid though? Taking a closer look at invoices and your operations could help. Excessive dwell time, for example, results in a costly detention time fee  for keeping drivers onsite too long. By preparing for a truck's arrival, you can keep hundreds of dollars in your pocket, and protect your relationship with carriers – which is particularly important when they're in high demand.

As your partner, we can help find ways to cut unnecessary costs from your shipping operations. Your Worldwide Express (WWEX) team keeps detailed data on the characteristics of every shipment – including the weather, rates, costs and market conditions. We can show you not only the whys behind your costs, but help identify solvable problems that will improve your costs and efficiency.

Truckload contracts bring consistency to your budget.

We work with carriers to negotiate rates on every spot shipment, but setting freight contracts is the best way to lock in consistent rates right now. If you have regular loads to move, lock into a contract with us and we'll pair you with the right carriers across our truckload network. Or, let us know if you prefer a specific carrier and we'll secure a contract that ensures you have access directly to them at the rates you expect.

Let's get to work

We wouldn't offer all these ideas if we weren't ready to back them up. We're ready to help – just fill out the form and a member of our team will get in touch with you. Or, you can reach out to your favorite WWEX team member to get started.