Small Package Shipping Resources to Compliment Your Freight

UPS Authorized Reseller

Easily Expand Beyond Freight with WWEX

The logistics and costs associated with small package shipping chip away at resources – especially when volume swells from e-commerce activity. If you're currently leaning on Worldwide Express (WWEX) only for freight, you're only getting half the benefits of our partnership. Our status as part of the largest non-retail authorized UPS® reseller opens the door to parcel advantages that can transform your entire shipping operations.

Consider the advantages
Sure, you could move small packages at a local mail center or post office. But, that comes with the added steps of making a trip and fishing for the best option. That might work for a few packages, but does it scale? Does order placement, tracking and budgeting this way take time away from more important projects? When you combine your freight and parcel shipping with us, things get simpler. For example:

  • You only have one point of contact for all logistics and questions
  • You can track and manage all shipments, small and large, from a single portal
  • You get one invoice for all shipments

What's the catch? No catch. As a WWEX customer, shipping costs stay low while you have the advantage of working with the team and tools you're already comfortable with.

Our unique UPS relationship
Some see the word "reseller" and think "upcharge" or "unnecessary middleman." That couldn't be further from the truth. Our relationship with UPS is truly unique. Through our strategic alliance, we help guide small and mid-size businesses to the full complement of UPS services so they don't have to go it alone. This means that you get:

  • Tailored parcel solutions for your unique needs
  • Negotiated shipping rates that generally offer savings from UPS retail rates
  • A direct WWEX team assisting you each step of the way

Just like your freight experience with our carrier network, we use our relationship with UPS to give you an edge in your small package orders.

See why having WWEX and UPS in your corner is a good thing.

SpeedShip® brings it all together
You've already seen our SpeedShip TMS for freight bookings. With your small package shipments, you get the same friendly experience when booking with UPS. This means you can:

  • Compare rates between services
  • Match customer delivery windows to services
  • Add UPS Capital® Insurance
  • Schedule a parcel pickup
  • Track parcels en route
  • Review all orders and invoices
  • File claims
  • And more

As we mentioned earlier, bring parcel and freight orders under a single portal will reduce the hoops you jump through to get boxes out the door. If SpeedShip already works well for your freight, give parcel orders a try and see for yourself.

Ready to get started?
You've experienced first-hand how we help with freight. Let's expand your WWEX experience for your parcel needs to build a holistic shipping solution.

Get started with UPS today.