Putting Customers First for Every

The Secret to a Good (Shipping) Relationship is Communication

Delivery interruptions happen. But it's up to every shipper to update their customers and help them prepare when circumstances change. Building a communication plan is important to preserve your relationships. Here are some tips to give you a head start:

Get accurate information from customers up front.

Some delays are completely avoidable with just a few simple tweaks to your processes. By getting details from your customers and consignees early, you can avoid many issues. Make sure you're capturing:

  • If it's a residential or commercial delivery
  • If the truck needs a lift gate or other equipment
  • If there are restricted receiving hours at the drop-off location
  • A contact phone number for someone at the delivery site

Help us help you.

Your Worldwide Express (WWEX) team is always here to help. We're watching the weather, truck unions, carriers and more to be your eye in the sky. But we can't catch everything. If you see something – such as inclement weather – between you and your shipment's destination and we haven't reached out, let us know. We'll keep tabs with the carrier and delivery status so you can focus on the customer.

Being proactive is a pro move.

When you reach out to a customer with an update is just as important as what you tell them. Build this into your processes so customers are always on the same page. You can also use your website to post notifications. A simple announcement informing customers about potential delays – be it weather delays, inventory shortages or other reasons – is a great way to set expectations early in the process.

Lean on SpeedShip® in a pinch.

It never hurts to have options! If you're struggling to find a truck that fits your timetable, don't forget that many shipments can be broken down into small packages to take advantage of the full range of UPS® parcel services. For instance, did you know that UPS Hundredweight Service® is a cost-effective, day-definite option for non-palletized, multiple-package shipments? Plus, if you ship both freight and UPS parcels with WWEX, you can use the same SpeedShip® tool you already know! There's always an option, and we're happy to help you find the best transportation service.

Let's get to work.

We wouldn't offer all these ideas if we weren't ready to back them up. We're ready to help – just fill out the form and a member of our team will get in touch with you. Or, you can reach out to your favorite WWEX agent to get started.