Freight Solutions That Fit Your Exact Needs

Come Back to WWEX and Start 2021 With Confidence

In a year of unprecedented change, it's likely that your business has experienced more than its normal share of growing pains and operational challenges. If you've recently switched shipping providers, you may be missing out on the personalized service and industry-leading portfolio that only Worldwide Express (WWEX) can provide to help you survive – and thrive.

Is your freight really covered?
Things are already uncertain enough – you don't need to wonder how or if you're going to be made whole again if your freight should fall victim to loss or damage. By knowing the difference between insurance and carrier limits of liability, you can be sure that you're covered, and regain peace of mind for your shipments as you plan for the new year.

FTL service that goes the extra mile
When capacity is constrained, your budget and your patience can start to feel the squeeze. By partnering with more than 85,000 truckload carriers, WWEX offers you a breadth of options you'd be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

With one call, you not only have access to our curated portfolio of carriers, you also gain complete cost clarity with easy-to-understand rates that charge you for your transportation costs and nothing more. It's just one part of our commitment to long-term partnership for your business.

Practical solutions, personalized support
Truckload shipping can be complex. With WWEX by your side, you can navigate it with confidence, knowing that we're alongside you every step of the way, understanding your business, listening to your challenges, and delivering truckload solutions like no one else.

Ready to come back and see how Worldwide Express can help you close out the year seamlessly and equipped for success in 2021?

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