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We know shipping logistics.

We’re a company built on people. People who know how to get ship done.

People who can turn the very complex world of shipping logistics into very simple and easy to understand solutions. We do it everyday for the 40,000+ businesses of all sizes that trust their shipping needs to Worldwide Express. As one of two primary UPS® Authorized Resellers in the country, our industry-leading small package, truckload and less-than-truckload shipping solutions can help you ship almost anything to almost anywhere.

Our goal to be your managed transportation provider starts with in-person consultations that will help to anticipate potential roadblocks, answer questions and identify operational efficiencies. Contact your local office to learn more.

Worldwide Express People

We are Relationship Obsessed

We don’t own the trucks or make the deliveries. We’re the brains behind the operation. Which means our greatest assets are people. Our teams are tough, dynamic, ambitious and thirsty for success. We thrive on teamwork and believe in pushing one another to the next level. We constantly challenge ourselves and the status quo, so we can offer customized solutions to each of our customers. And we like to have fun while doing it.

“Not long ago, I got a phone call from a sales executive from Worldwide Express, who asked to schedule some time to talk about our shipping. I told him that WWEX couldn’t help us, because we didn’t have the boxes to properly ship our pies. That executive took it upon himself to find a local company to make us the custom boxes we need. He showed up at our facility with a box specialist and they listened – to our thoughts, to our anticipated needs. They must know the quickest way to our hearts is to just listen. Soon, we’ll have our prototype and will start to roll our test shipments – and then, when you ship a pie to someone, everyone will be happy about how it arrives.”

– Rebecca Miller, co-owner, Peggy Jean’s Pies

“Our Worldwide Express representative has answered my constant barrage of questions with courtesy and professionalism. All of my concerns have been met with punctual attention and immediate correction. Worldwide Express has helped us maintain and grow our shipping and sales capabilities, and they are a great asset to our business.”

– Nic Cosens, Shipping and Receiving, Harley-Davidson of Sacramento

“Ecoloblue has been using Worldwide Express now for the past few years. They have been by far the best shipping/logistics company that we have worked with. As we are shipping machines that are large, heavy and fragile, we have had many issues around the shipping – damage has been extremely high for us. Since starting with WWEX, our damages have diminished considerably and their claims process is always smooth and easy.”

– Wayne Ferreira, Founder and President, Ecoloblue

“Worldwide Express has done an incredible job in all aspects, from helping us choose the right carrier for the right lanes, to getting to the destination for the best price in the timeliest manner. On the rare occasion when a delivery did not go exactly as it should have, we were given prompt inquiry information, honest answers and above-and-beyond assistance to get the product delivered. Worldwide Express truly cares about their customers, and works hard to meet their needs.”

– Angie Aceves, Inventory & Logistics Manager, Ray Morgan Company

“Our Worldwide Express sales executive has provided us with exceptional service – from assisting with UPS® paperwork to coordinating high-value, international, inter-company shipments, she has gone above and beyond to ensure the successful movement of our domestic and international shipments. Moreover, she afforded individual training to each of our new hires, who would each be using Worldwide Express’ services, without any hesitation. Her team’s can-do attitude truly speaks to ideal customer service, and they are a great added value to our business.”

– Samantha Houangvilay, HR/Payroll Administrator, Retail Solutions, Inc.

UPS Authorized Reseller

UPS® authorized reseller.

There are two primary UPS® Authorized Resellers in the U.S. We are one of them. That means you get the in-person service that only we can offer along with access to the world’s largest parcel-delivery service. This, coupled with a selective portfolio of 65+ LTL carriers, and thousands of FTL carriers ensures you have a flexibility and range of options unmatched by anyone in third-party logistics.