Nationally Recognized Training Primes WWE Professionals for Success

At Worldwide Express, we firmly believe that people are our greatest asset. Our smart, energetic, positive and well-trained sales and account management force is a primary reason for the company’s quantum rise in market share and revenue.

That’s why no WWE employee starts work before attending training courses that instill proven sales concepts and philosophies. And no manager takes over a local market before attending advanced courses that help him or her hit the ground running.

The attention we pay to preparing our employees for success is one reason ranked Worldwide Express the No. 1 destination in America for career advancement.

Our training is extensive and ongoing. It’s designed to support you at every stage of your career and give you the best chance at success as you move forward.

Here’s a summary of the different classes we offer:

Basic Sales/Account Management Training – New employees from all over the nation converge on the corporate office in Dallas for an intense course that instills WWE sales concepts and philosophies. Sales topics include a comprehensive review of products, plus lessons in prospecting, sales presentations and time management. New account managers learn how to manage and maintain light package and freight customers. Participants go home ready to make an immediate impact.

Level II Training – Advanced courses offer both a refresher of fundamental lessons and more advanced concepts, as well as deeper qualifying strategies that help reveal a customer’s needs. Focused time is devoted to advanced sales techniques and product knowledge for international shipping, freight shipping and technology solutions. It’s also a chance to reconnect with – and learn from – colleagues who work across the country.

Advanced Concepts in Excellence (ACE) Training – Employees selected on the basis of tenure, performance, attitude and other factors are invited to participate in ACE training, held at the corporate headquarters. The employees work in small groups and receive focused attention, including videotaped sessions, designed to deliver objective feedback on their presentation skills. They also are introduced to strategies to help negotiate complex sales opportunities.

Management Training – Participants are prepared to effectively lead and operate a local market office. Lessons emphasize recruiting and training, with a heavy focus on business planning and managing revenue and profitability.



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