Take advantage of loyal service and best-in-class freight portfolio, with 65+ freight carriers.

Reach, Reliability, Resilence.

Gain access to over 60 freight carriers nationwide, including national, super-regional, regional and local carriers. Enjoy fast, reliable service almost anywhere you are shipping to all on one system, while saving on shipping charges.

Transportation Management
Utilize SpeedShip to instantly compare costs and delivery options, protect your goods with insurance, and book your shipment. Once your shipment has been created, manage your freight by tracking shipments, processing claims and downloading reports when needed.

Enterprise Solutions
Receive customer specific pricing if you are a high volume shipper. Enterprise Solutions enables customers with larger shipping volumes to secure the savings and other benefits of a highly customized program without having to bring shipping in house.

Service Options
From traditional to specific needs, you are covered with our wide range of service types. We offer Standard, Guaranteed, Expedited/Time Critical, Tradeshow, and White Glove less than truckload services to ensure we can provide you with the best option.

Reduce the risk associated with loss or damage to freight shipments the second they leave the shipping facility up until they are received. UPS Capital® Cargo Insurance offers a variety of options that deliver affordable coverage to protect you against loss or damage.

Customized Invoicing
Consolidate shipping expenses into a single invoice for a high-level view of all shipments. Customize your invoice and choose from a variety of options to give you more flexibility regarding shipment type, reference number, or any format that will suit your company’s needs.

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Choosing the right carrier can be tough. SpeedShip makes it easier with a fast online tool that helps you book your shipments. Compare carriers’ rates and delivery dates to best fit your needs.


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