Put Your Career on the “Express” Track

The overnight, express shipping and freight market for small and midsize companies is virtually unlimited. Systemwide sales at market-leading shipping reseller Worldwide Express have nearly tripled over the past four years and the growth shows no sign of slowing.

Do you want a piece of that? The opportunity is there – if you have what it takes.

Worldwide Express is a company that stands for excellence. Our success is rooted in such ideals as integrity, credibility, dedication, dependability – and opportunity. As a non-asset based transportation provider, our real asset is our people.

That’s why we provide a rigorous, nationally recognized training program that starts with basic sales and account management and continues throughout your career. And anyone you talk to at WWE will tell you the work is hard. We like to say you get three years of experience in your first year.

But anyone also will tell you we have fun along the way, and that hard work pays off fast. If you are dedicated enough, focused enough and strong enough, there is almost no ceiling on what you can accomplish.

That’s why Glassdoor.com ranked Worldwide Express the No. 1 place in America for career advancement.

To see what we mean, take a moment to read a few profiles of team members. You’ll notice a theme — support and training that leads to quick advancement and a lucrative career, or even franchise ownership, in the Worldwide Express organization.

Worldwide Express and our local franchise operators are always looking for smart and motivated entrepreneurial types in great cities and towns all over the nation.

Find a local office near you to inquire about available positions.

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