Meet Our People

Meet the Team

Our local franchise teams maintain and manage the most important part of our business: our customers. Quality people make for a quality organization. Meet a few of our franchise sales people and the success of Worldwide Express suddenly makes a lot more sense.


Lisa Marin, a native of Utica, Mich., joined Worldwide Express in 2012.

That was five years after she graduated from Michigan State University and went to work in marketing for a catering company. Eventually, she decided she needed a new opportunity. Now she’s an account manager for the WWE office in the Detroit suburb of Southfield, and she loves it.

Why? In her words: “I like the competitiveness and the incentives. I didn’t have that in my other job.” She also likes the financial rewards that come for hard work. Recently, she won the Sprint 1 contest for account managers for customer retention and new business. Her reward: A $4,000 check.

“We’re rewarded for how hard we work,” she says. “But I don’t feel like I’m going to work. … It’s because I enjoy the people and I enjoy what I do.”


Twenty-five-year-old Joe Douglas has been with Worldwide Express for two years, and his go-go-go attitude has served him well. Douglas won the company’s Sprint Contest, the six-month sales competition that measured average weekly revenue from December 2012 through May 2013. His reward: a nice, fat check for $8,000.

Douglas majored in communications at California Polytechnic State in San Luis Obispo, Calif., and says “sales seemed like it fit my personality and the type of career I wanted to go after.”

He loves the independence he has in his day-to-day job and describes the company culture as driven but caring.

“[It’s] people who care about other people’s success, and care about training and teaching newer sales reps tricks that you can use in the field. And also, we do have fun together. Any time you get a group of people from Worldwide Express together, it’s competitive and in a fun nature.”


Clinton Squadroni, 30, is a native of South Bend, Ind., who graduated from Ball State University with a degree in education, but his ambitions leaned toward business. He added a math minor and aimed for a career in sales.

He started his Worldwide Express career in Indianapolis then opened an office in Fort Wayne, Ind., and one in Fort Myers, Fla. Now, he oversees and manages the sales and business development team for South Bend and South Chicago. His office window looks out on the Golden Dome at the University of Notre Dame.

He works to keep a high-energy feel to the office for both employees and customers – the sounds of music or TV frequently ring in the air. The energy is what he loves about the company: “The culture is very unique. I’ve never seen a company so motivated and energetic and eager to take the business world by the hand and run with it.”


Catherine Liske, who grew up just outside of Chicago and graduated from St. Louis University in 2010, has risen fast in her Worldwide Express career.

How fast? The 24-year-old already has joined the President’s Club for generating more than $500,000 in new business in 2012 and bringing in more than 20 quality customers. She also finished fourth in the company’s Sprint competition in the second half of 2012 for generating the most top-line revenue on average.

She describes her role as similar to that of a field sales manager and spends most of her time with sales reps, helping train and guide them in the field.

Liske says the best part of her job is the people with whom she gets to work.

“We’re all working to grow our market together, but at the same time we’re in competition with each other to make each other better,” she says. “It’s a pretty phenomenal atmosphere. Far and away, the people are what make it worth it every day.”

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