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Determining Freight Class

When booking your freight shipment, you will need to know the classification of your shipment.

The class of your freight is determined by its contents. Different types of products have different costs associated with them, based primarily on their value and density. There are 18 possible freight classes ranging from class 50, the least expensive, to class 500, the most expensive.

Density Calculator

The density guidelines are used in the assignment of classes where average density is representative or reflective of the range of densities exhibited. Furthermore, the density/class relationships set forth in the guidelines presume that there are no unusual or significant stow-ability, handling or liability characteristics, which would call for giving those characteristics additional or different "weight" in determining the appropriate class. *Please Note: Any shipping quotes or classes given in any communication from Worldwide Express is based solely on the information provided by the customer. The customer is ultimately responsible for the accuracy of all information given associated with a quote. Worldwide Express is not responsible for changes in rates due to the carrier rated shipment attributes differing from information given to obtain a quote on a customer's behalf. Customers are ultimately responsible for any class they use for a shipment, regardless if it was provided by Worldwide Express or not.

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