Freight Shipping Overview

Freight Partnerships

Worldwide Express serves thousands of freight customers across the United States and manages more than 1 million freight shipments annually. We work with the most reliable freight carriers in the nation to give you the options you need to meet specific shipping preferences.

We partner with more than 55 best-in-class LTL, FTL, expedited and international freight carriers. Freight shipping with Worldwide Express means you get dedicated, local customer service and access to a best-in-class portfolio of freight carriers. You also get reliability and flexibility to accommodate your unique product needs, including destination, scheduling, tracking, billing and more. And, Worldwide Express offers intuitive online shipping tools that allow you to manage your shipments in just a few clicks.


Freight Tools

Worldwide Express can show you what freight carriers are available in your state with its interactive Carrier Region Map.

Note that you will need to know the classification of your freight class when booking a shipment. The class of your freight shipment is determined by the contents, and different types of products have various associated costs based primarily on value and density.

You can use our Density Calculator to determine which freight class is appropriate for your shipment.

Creating shipments on SpeedFreight allows us to deliver your shipments the way you want. Log in now.

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