Freight Partnerships

Why Do We Have Freight Partnerships?

No matter your industry, your freight shipments must be delivered accurately, on time and at the lowest price.

It’s important to your vendors, customers and distribution channels. Trust Worldwide Express to ensure the job is done right, so you can focus on growing your business.

We manage more than 1 million freight shipments a year through our partnerships with more than 55 best-in-class LTL, FTL, expedited and international freight carriers — the most reliable network in the nation. With our freight partnerships, you get many options for your shipping preferences.


The WWE Freight Advantage

Dedicated Local Customer Service: We provide specific personnel for every customer to insure satisfaction for your freight needs in order to grow your business.

Reach: With more than 55 carriers in our portfolio, your business growth is fueled by a multitude of freight options with unparalleled reach. You can ship your products the way you want, anywhere you need to in the nation.

Reliability: From the moment you use SpeedFreight to create your shipping label to the time a freight carrier moves your shipment, you can feel assured that your shipments are being delivered the way you want. Log in to SpeedFreight now.

Flexibility: We provide you with multiple options, including selection of carriers for your particular product or destination, shipping preferences, scheduling, tracking, billing and more.

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