Customer Testimonials

Our Customers Are As Important As Our Partnerships

The dozens of partnerships we maintain with freight carriers are just one way Worldwide Express delivers value to businesses nationwide. Customers also cite unparalleled cost savings, service and reliability that far exceed the competition.

Here’s a sample of what some of our customers say about Worldwide Express:

‘He listened to our thoughts about shipping and our thoughts about our anticipated needs’

“Several months ago, we shipped a nine-inch pie to Charlotte in New York City. While Charlotte reported back that the pie tasted great, she said it didn’t handle the 1100-mile journey to Manhattan as well as we hoped it would. Suffice to say that the little excess wiggle room in the pie box was all the room needed to make a big mess.

Not long after the feedback from Charlotte, Spencer from Worldwide Express happened to email me and ask if we could schedule some time to talk about shipping. When I said to Spencer that he couldn’t help us ship pies because we didn’t have the boxes to properly ship them, he took it upon himself to find the company to make us the boxes.

So today, Spencer and Mike, a gentleman from Pratt Industries, walked through the front door of PJP Buttonwood to ask me my thoughts about packaging and get a feel for all my ideas. He and Spencer just listened to our thoughts about shipping and our thoughts about our anticipated needs. Soon, Mike will be back with prototype boxes and we will start to roll out test shipments to Charlotte and a few others who contacted us as willing to accept a pie shipment in return for pictures and feedback about the condition of the pie upon arrival on the doorstep. We are all hopeful for a green light on the shipping options by August.”

Click here to read the full story on Peggy Jean’s Pies’ blog

J. Plumley, Co-Owner of Peggy Jean’s Pies, LLC

‘Cheapest on the Shipping Costs’

“Ecoloblue has been using Worldwide Express now for the past few years. They have been by far the best shipping/logistics company that we have worked with. Ecoloblue has been going for over 7 years now and have used many different carriers in that time frame. As we are shipping machines that are large, heavy and fragile we have had many issues around the shipping. Damage has been extremely high for us. Since starting with WWEX our damages have diminished considerably and when we do get the occasional damage the claim from their insurance is always smooth and easy. We have yet to file a claim where we don’t get what we claim for. Not only do they do a great job in that department we have also found them to be the cheapest on the shipping costs.
I would strongly suggest any company looking for a way to ship products to use WWEX.”

W. Ferreira, Founder and President, EcoloBlue™ Life & Energy

‘The online interface is excellent and the transition was easy’

“I just wanted to take a moment and let you know how things are going. Prior to using Worldwide Express we used several different shipping companies based on where the shipment was going, the weight, value, or a myriad of other factors. We had found it was more cost effective to use a service that was instate only for most of our local shipments, but that the large national carriers were a must for out of state shipments. This meant coordinating multiple pickups, different tracking systems and having to allocate 3-4 different bills to various projects and departments every two weeks. Making the switch to WWEX improved this dramatically. We only have one daily pickup to worry about and all shipments can go out on it. The pricing was competitive for both in and out of state shipments so there was no need to use the smaller carrier any longer. They also setup a customized dropdown for us that will assign the shipments to the appropriate departments which saves more than an hour of work every 2 weeks for both our accountant and inventory manager. The online interface is excellent and the transition was easy since they imported all of our contacts and shipping information for us. Overall, I would have to say we are getting the shipping reliability of one of the big companies with the personal service and response of a small local business.”

A. Dennis, Vice President of Purchasing and Project Management, Internet America

‘Wish We’d Discovered Them Sooner’

“We at Summit Funding highly recommend Worldwide Express to anyone who is need of express courier service. The team at Worldwide Express is extremely responsive, and they always go above and beyond to make sure our needs are met. The transition to Worldwide Express was seamless, as they took care of everything from setting up user accounts to training our staff on how to ship. The Worldwide Express team periodically visits us or calls to make sure everything is running smoothly. Aside from offering competitive pricing, their shipping website and billing system offer details and internal controls that are not available directly from the larger shipping companies. We wish we’d discovered them sooner!”

K. Allen, Summit Funding Inc.

‘An Exceptionally Professional Company’

“I have been extremely happy with the service that I have received from Worldwide Express. The attention that I have received is exceptional. Michael Joyce has been particularly attentive. His follow up to any of my questions has been very prompt and always presented in a very professional manner. Ashlynn Quan has also been very helpful. I would gladly recommend Worldwide Express to my peers. It is a pleasure to deal with such an exceptionally professional company!”

S. Benson, owner, S. Benson & Co.

‘Professional and Friendly’

“We have been very impressed by the service Worldwide Express has given us. The dedicated local customer service is always professional and friendly. When we have questions, I can easily call my direct account manager to receive an immediate response. We appreciate the helpfulness they provide on an daily basis!”

P. Thompson, Owner, RCM Dedicated Services

‘A Company You Can Count On’

“We are a staffing firm and place employees all across the United States. We send out hire packet information, along with weekly paychecks, and having an overnight delivery company we can count on is extremely important to us.

We have done business with Worldwide Express for over five years now and are very happy with the service they provide us.  On those rare occasions when a delivery did not arrive when it should and we had to call to inquire where the package was, we have always been given prompt inquiry information, honest answers and whatever assistance was needed to get the package delivered. During these five years I have worked directly with Amy Schmieder and she has always personally gone above and beyond to get us the help and assistance needed. This company truly cares about its customers and works hard to meet our needs. I would willingly recommend Worldwide Express as a company you can count on.”

L. Sweet, director of administration, ITC Service Group, Inc. 

WWE ‘Still Values Customer Service’

“Worldwide Express, in my opinion, is unlike any other freight brokerage service that I have used in the past. The benefits of using their services are priceless. One of your competitors sat in my office and told me he wished his company offered a website that was as easy and user friendly as Worldwide Express. On top of that, his prices were higher.

The money that I have saved was, and is, as promised by our sales representative. The inside customer service department even goes as far as calling when the shipment wasn’t picked up on the scheduled day. I had an instance with a trucking company that I booked with through Worldwide Express and the trucking company informed me that the delivery would be three days later than the estimated delivery date. I had the order sold and Worldwide Express had a local courier company pick up my merchandise and delivered it to my warehouse at their expense.

The end result was I will never again use that trucking company and Worldwide Express will continue to handle all my LTL trucking business. It’s good to know a company still values customer service. Keep up the good work!!!”

M. Beinke, shop manager, Pro Pack Solutions Inc.

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