Who We Are

Worldwide Express is a global logistics company based in Dallas that has handled millions of package and freight shipments for more than 30,000 small to midsize businesses. With more than 150 franchises across the country, we are one of the largest authorized resellers of express shipping for UPS®, as well as a trusted freight partner to more than 55 carriers.

That’s what we do. Here’s who we are.

The company has come a long way since 1995, when founder David Kiger started Worldwide Express – armed with nothing but a great idea and $5,000 – in a spare bedroom of his home in Houston.

The idea was simple: To give small and midsize companies – those that form the backbone of the U.S. economy – the same volume perks and shipping options afforded to Fortune 500 companies. Worldwide Express would work closely with business owners to identify shipping challenges, then provide solutions to support their success and help them compete better in the marketplace.

Businesses that had been severely underserved by large shipping companies responded by jumping on board the emerging solution. Worldwide Express grew at an explosive pace, fueled in part by a model that empowers autonomous, local franchise owners to develop caring relationships with customers.

Today, Kiger credits the company’s success to a sound business plan, the franchise model and a professional, can-do spirit that permeates Worldwide Express from top to bottom. There also remains a singular focus on the founding principle: Small to midsize companies need the advantages typically reserved for large companies.

At Worldwide Express, we believe in our market, our product and in our approach to serving customers.


Company Milestones

  • 1995: Began selling franchises
  • 2000: Sold 100th franchise, reached $50 million in systemwide sales
  • 2002: Broke $100 million in sales
  • 2005: Broke $200 million in sales
  • 2008: Entered ground-breaking partnership with UPS
  • 2010: Broke $300 million in sales
  • 2011: Broke $400 million in sales
  • 2013: Broke $550 million in sales

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