Put your career on the fast track with the help of strategic training programs.


Jump into sales with the three entry level training sessions for new employees throughout the start of their career. In addition, we have specialized training courses for more established and developed employees as their career takes off.

New employees from all over the nation come together at the corporate office in Dallas for an intense course that instills WWE sales concepts and philosophies. Sales topics include a comprehensive review of products, plus lessons in prospecting, sales presentations and time management.

Intermediate courses offer both a refresher of fundamental lessons and more advanced concepts, as well as deeper qualifying strategies that help reveal a customer’s needs. Focused time is devoted to advanced sales techniques and product knowledge.

Employees selected on the basis of tenure, performance, attitude and other factors are invited to participate in advanced training, held at the corporate headquarters. The employees work in small groups and receive focused attention.

Employees learn how to acquire new business and manage existing small package and freight customers using an innovative and progressive sales approach.

This training provides an opportunity for those in leadership roles to better serve their employees and themselves by learning to best oversee their local offices. Managers come together to learn best practices.

Participants are prepared to effectively lead and operate a local market office. Lessons emphasize recruiting and training, with a heavy focus on business planning, managing revenue and profitability.

How Training Helps You

  • "The training that I had from Worldwide Express along the way was second to none. I attribute most of my early success to the training, to help me go from college graduate with a degree and all that to a professional salesperson."
    Mike Parnell
  • "Given the skill set and the knowledge that corporate gives us, like in the basic sales training manual, it really put me in a good position to go out and earn business.”
    Brandon Cahlan
  • “I went out to the trainings to see what the culture was like. It was more about the training programs and seeing a bunch of young successful people that really sold me on everything. It was really cool.”
    Oscar Rigg

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