Careers Overview

Company Culture

The hardworking employees, franchise owners and executive leadership of Worldwide Express are the embodiment of what our company represents: ideals of integrity, credibility, dedication, dependability – and opportunity.

At Worldwide Express, we hold firm to these core values, in part because they form a key part of a successful business plan – Our customers trust us with their business, and in the transportation industry, trust means everything.

Our nationwide franchise network is one big family. We train our employees to be quick thinking and proactive, then we support, promote and celebrate their success. All the while, we hold each other to the most exacting standards of service and professionalism. Our customers expect no less.


Opportunities has named Worldwide Express as America’s No. 1 company for career advancement. Why? Because the select few who are qualified to join our ranks benefit from unparalleled training before starting work in an industry with almost unlimited growth potential.

With Worldwide Express, you benefit from our sales structure and exceptional training, as well as reputation as one of the largest national authorized resellers of UPS® express shipping services.

It’s not uncommon for new members of our sales team to ascend to the ranks of management or franchise ownership in just a few years. So if you’re looking for an opportunity to put your career on the “express” track, think about applying to join us today.

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