Tracking Your Packages Through Technology

Tracking Your Packages Through Technology

Supply chain logistics can be challenging at the best of times, labyrinthine at worst. Before the advent of WiFi and handheld devices, paper invoices, customs paperwork, and shipping labels got lost or damaged easily. Every company has a story of an order that was damaged, or worse, gone missing, losing them customers and profits. Happily, the advent of RFID tags and QR codes has dramatically improved shipping speed and accuracy, from production to containerization, shipping, and finally, distribution & retailing. Confused about all those acronyms we just threw at you? Read on!

If you’ve ever downloaded a QR code reader app to your phone, you know it can open up a whole new world of knowledge: You can get coupons for your favorite restaurants, free song downloads, and much more. But what is a QR code, other than what looks like an abstract painting? It’s a special 2D barcode – QR stands for Quick Response – instead of the traditional 1D barcode that uses machine-readable lines and spaces to convey data about the object the barcode is attached to. QR codes carry much more information than a 1D barcode, and are also scannable from over 50 feet, making the process of logging shipments much faster and enabling real-time tracking of an order.

Most shipping labels have both RFID tags and QR codes. RFID (radio-frequency identification) tags are tiny electromagnetic chips that contain electronically stored information. They can be operated and read hundreds of yards away, and don’t need to be within the line of sight of the RFID reader to be read. RFID tags are what are embedded in credit cards that offer the “Tap To Pay” function on special card readers at certain stores and restaurants.

Each of these tags can be read using a simple handheld scanner connected to a cellular data network. How can this help your business grow? They streamline the supply chain enough that they often eliminate the need for shipping dispatchers, saving you time and money. Payments and shipments are processed in real time, and paperwork is completed instantly and virtually – no filing required, no missing paperwork, and fewer headaches for you, the business owner! Who doesn’t want that?

Worldwide Express is proud to utilize the latest barcode and transmitter technology to help you simplify your shipping needs, whether you ship five packages a day, or five hundred. We’ve partnered with UPS to bring you some of the best automated, customized shipping practices in the industry, so you can grow your business without worrying about where your orders have disappeared off to.