5 Reasons to Love FTL

5 Reasons to Love FTL 

When preparing a large number of packages, parcels or pallets to be collected for a shipment it’s important to optimize your options. Consider not only how many items you’ll be shipping, but other aspects as well. With a shipment going out that occupies less than a full truckload, you’ll have to factor time into the delivery for multiple stops to be made along the way—but not will full truckload (FTL) shipments.

Part of the beauty of full truckload services is that you can create a contract with services and solutions customized for your needs. You’ll not only get faster delivery service with FTL, but other aspects, like drivers who only move specific types of freight, can be a great advantage.

Consider these 5 Reasons to Love Full Truckload Shipping.

Dock-to-dock delivery
When all your goods fit into one 48- or 53 foot trailer, they aren’t disturbed at any point during transit. Once your shipment is ready to go out, the driver will collect the required paperwork, pack their truck efficiently (for loading and transportation purposes alike) and depart. Your goods won’t be touched again until they’re unloaded at their destination point.

Drivers have specialties
Products of all different types, from clothing to produce to furniture and beyond, are shipped every single day. Because each shipment is so different, it is beneficial for some drivers to become an expert in one niche. Some carriers even specialize in moving hazardous material.

Insurance that Fits You
FTL carriers and drivers are asked to ship a wide variety of items, therefore insurance varies form shipment to shipment. Based on certain federal laws, there are certain types of freight that can and cannot be shipped together; some carriers only move certain types of freight because of the insurance needed to ensure the quality of goods. The reassuring news is that freight carriers of all kinds are legally required to carry a minimum amount of insurance.

Speed of service
While transit times may vary based on the driver’s schedule according to service regulations, FTL shipping can still be quicker than LTL If your truckload only has one scheduled destination the goods will typically arrive faster than a LTL shipment with multiple stops. Because your company will need an entire truck or trucks to itself, lead times can be maximized and things will go out efficiently.

Transportation that’s personal
Whether you’re shipping regionally, nationally or globally, your shipments deserve to be cared for. Create a relationship with a representative from your logistics provider to get personalized shipping information about each market you’d like to enter. By tailoring coverage to fit your needs you can ship with confidence, knowing that your products will be handled with care from start to finish.

In fact, FTL shipping even includes shipments that are too large for LTL but still don’t quite fit a full trailer. if your truckload doesn’t fill an entire 48- or 53-foot trailer, don’t be deterred from shipping full truckload freight. With plenty of options to ensure the quality of your shipment when it is delivered to your consignee, FTL shipping is always a viable option. Create a relationship with your logistics provider and discover the right ways to move your business forward.