3 Reason to Love Small Package Shipping

3 Reason to Love Small Package Shipping

Not all business owners have the need to ship with less than truckload (LTL) or full truckload (FTL). Occasionally you’ll have smaller loads and will need a smarter way to ship. For businesses who are shipping packages that weigh less than 150 pounds or simply an envelope the smartest, most efficient method of delivery will be small package shipping.

While shipping may not seem like a necessary expenditure you should treat it like the golden connection to your customers that will allow your business to grow and prosper.

Consider these three, important aspects of small package shipping.

Type (Mode of Transportation) that is Timely

Industry experts refer to different types of shipping as modes of transportation. Both ground and air shipping are two of the most common modes of transportation utilized by small business owners. Air shipping is oftentimes the right option with time sensitive goods, although it may be costlier. Ground shipping is usually a good choice for goods that are not quite as time sensitive as others. These options don’t have to undergo the same checks and procedures as trailers or international freight of larger quantity, making day-to-day business easier.

Speed (Service Level) is in Your Hands

Keeping track of the timeframe in which your package will be delivered is known as the service level. Being aware of your service level is important to maintain a positive reputation with your customers or business partners. UPS, our preferred small package shipping provider, offers eight types of service levels including, but not limited to, same day shipping, two-day shipping, or contractual services. Most service levels like these are standard among different freight and shipping companies.

Your logistics provider should be transparent about the service level you’ll receive on every single shipment. Worldwide Express is one of the largest authorized resellers of express shipping for UPS. Our trusted relationship allows us to provide you with dedicated local customer service, global access (if needed), and reliability.

Being Cost Efficient is Easy

Regardless of the destination, small package shipping will significantly cut the cost of your shipping bills. Successful business owners adhere to strict budgets when it comes to shipping goods—whether that’s across town, the country, or the world. Check with your personal representative at your shipping or logistics company to analyze the way you ship right now, and if that’s the best use of your time and money in the future.

The easiest way to do that is being aware of the cost of your chosen modes of transportation. For example, if the goods you need to ship are not time-sensitive, it’s not necessary to pay for next day air service if three-day ground shipping will suffice. Being aware of the price difference between air and ground options will always help you make smart shipping decisions.

Keep in mind that small package shipping services are similar among most major providers. This option will help you maintain a reliable relationship with your customers while allowing you to focus on driving business forward.