WWE Spotlight: NYC’s Chris MacKenzie
WWE Spotlight: NYC’s Chris MacKenzie

Chris MacKenzie was aiming for a marketing career. After graduating from Sacred Heart University in Connecticut with a business administration degree in 2010, he says he quickly changed his tune.

“As I was doing the interview process, the sales jobs paid a lot more,” he says. “So I ended up just switching that around.”

The 26-year-old native of Tampa, Fla., started out with Enterprise Rent-A-Car’s management program, then joined Worldwide Express in February 2013. He’s now a major account executive in New York City, in Worldwide’s office across the street from the New York Public Library in Midtown.

“I really do enjoy being part of the team,” MacKenzie says. “We often play basketball after work together, so our relationship goes further than just the office. I have made friends here.”

Here’s more from him on life and work in the Big Apple:

What attracted me to Worldwide: “I definitely wanted to transition to an outside sales role. There was this aspect at Enterprise where we would go to auto body shops and visit the shop owners. I liked that. It was a little more freedom and you were able to build more of a relationship, rather than just dealing with retail customers. Basically, I wanted to rely on myself to make money and not having to rely on other people. …  I really liked the atmosphere of the [Worldwide Express] job. Everyone at the office was really friendly, and my sales manager, Jeff Ramella, is very helpful.”

My introduction to the company: “The first four months weren’t the easiest. I definitely wasn’t the worst of my class, but I was in the middle. Then, once five and six months hit, that’s when I really started to do well. I kind of understood the industry that we’re in — the freight and truckload aspect of the business, and the UPS aspect — so I knew more about what I was talking about. The hardest part was just trying to get all that industry knowledge. So now when I go to meetings, I pretty much know more than them. At first, they knew more than me, so it’s hard to sell something you really don’t know a lot about. But once I learned it all, that’s when I started to do real well.” 

The best part of my job: “I personally like going out and cold calling, because I can go visit multiple businesses and meet multiple people, and I’m kind of out there on my own. I’m able to do whatever I need to do, whatever I think is best. So definitely the freedom that is involved with that is a perk.”

How our sales training helped: “I definitely follow all the guidelines from training. I think our training was really important, so I memorized the script that they give you. I tend to not go off of it too much. It works for me. People have questions in the middle of it, I answer them — but the script really gives a good description of who we are and what we do. That’s how I start off every meeting, with a description of who we are and what we do, so they know what we are ahead of time, as opposed to asking me a million questions when I’m trying to close them. It’s better to be upfront. … I definitely try to fact find. That’s pretty important. I try to ask them a lot of questions.”

My personal interests and hobbies: “When I was in Florida, I always loved fishing. It’s something I really miss from back home. I guess I could [fish in New York], but I don’t even know where to go in the city to go fishing, or if there’s even any fish around. Since I’ve been in New York, I definitely like going to different types of restaurants. I try something new every weekend, all these different types of cuisines. I love traveling and being outdoors. I went to Ireland for two weeks about four years ago.”

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