Spotlight: Chad Lacy Loves WWE’s Intensity
Spotlight: Chad Lacy Loves WWE’s Intensity

Chad Lacy had experience in sales before joining the Worldwide Express team in April 2013, but the Southern Illinois University grad admits his job is different — it’s far more intense — than anything he did before. And, he loves it.

“To be honest, I’ve never been part of anything like it. Everyone smiles and jokes around, but when it’s time to get down to business and go out and perform, we all go out and do that,” he says.

The engaged 27-year-old said the other part of his job that’s fun is the team-building that happens inside and outside the office.

“We try and get out together and kind of relax, have fun and enjoy Chicago,” Lacy said. “Chicago is a really fun city. It’s got a lot to offer, and we just try to take advantage of that. A lot of it is social activities after work together and weekend stuff. This past fall in November we had an office outing to a Northwestern-Michigan game as a group.”

Here’s more from Lacy about living and working in the Windy City:

A typical day: We get into the office every morning and we’ll have our sales meeting and get an idea of the agenda for the day. We might make get on the phones and reach out to potential opportunities and probably around 9:15, 9:30 we’re out in the field. We pretty much spend the entire day out in the field, whether it’s cold-calling, running meetings, running account reviews or meeting with good opportunities. About 5:45 or 6 we head back to the office to wrap up.

My district sales manager Brian O’Neill will come with me some days to kind of teach me throughout the day, but about 80 to 90 percent of the time I’m out by myself. It’s a lot of downtime, but it really forces you to be motivated and work.

The most challenging part of my job: The hardest part of the job is having expectations every day that you want everything to go the right way, and sometimes it doesn’t. At times it can kind of affect your outlook, but really I think the hardest part is self-managing to overcome those challenges.

Not every day is going to be a great day. You’ve really got to focus on trying to … take an experience every day and learn from it, whether it’s good or bad. I think every day is a learning experience. The hardest part is dealing with how you overcome adversity and managing your expectations.

How to improve performance, day by day: As an office, we’ll do sales role plays in meetings from day one, and you see how terrible you were at the beginning and how you develop. It’s hard evidence that you’re getting better as a sales rep.

The office environment: It’s really energetic. Everyone gets along. It’s a really young group of people. The culture is work hard, play hard. It’s a very team-oriented environment, but also very competitive. As a sales rep, you always want to encourage those around you, but at the same time you want to play for yourself.

What makes Worldwide unique: It’s a very young company, very much on the rise. The people in the office are great to work with, everyone gets along and fits in well. We’re full of like-minded people. Everyone wants to be successful, and everyone feeds off that. I plan to be here forever, essentially. So far the experience has been absolutely positive and I really like it so far.

Advice for college grads: I think if you’re looking to really find not just a job but a career, Worldwide is a great place for someone who kind of wants to dive right in and really understand sales, really understand the business world and a unique business model like ours. It really offers a good opportunity to really grow.

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