WWE Gathers for Annual Convention
WWE Gathers for Annual Convention

More than $100,000 in prize money was awarded recently as the Worldwide Express family converged at the Westin Diplomat Resort & Spa in Hollywood, Fla., for its annual celebration of success over the previous year. The annual conference, a hallmark of WWE’s unique culture, marks the one time each year when the company’s 150-plus franchisees come together for a commemoration of group and individual achievement.

The gathering started with a golf tournament and welcome reception on Wednesday, Jan. 23. Day 2 consisted of a series of breakout sessions on topics ranging from account management to freight sales and industry trends in the truckload and less-than-truckload sectors. Then it was time for some fun. The event culminated in Awards Night, featuring the winners of National Sales Competitions and the announcement of cash prizes. Surprise celebrity guests Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreit (above, photographed with Worldwide Express President and COO Tom Madine and CFO Rob Rose) of ESPN’s popular GameDay answered audience questions and posed for photos with all the award winners during a fun and festive evening.

Among the first-place winners were Caitlin Alloway of Springfield, Clinton Squadroni of The Region, Brian O’Neill and Adam Lube of Chicago, Amy Schmieder of Northern California, Josh Anderson of Team Inland Empire, Walter Solala of Orange County Fusion, Tim Ash of Indianapolis and Michele Kwaterski of Greenville.

The complete list of winners:


Account Executives

1st:  Caitlin Alloway, Springfield

2nd: Chris Synnestvedt, Chicago

3rd: Kyle Ilges, Springfield

4th: Catherine Liske, St. Louis

5th: Mary Catherine Lanier, Knoxville

Sales Managers

Bracket 2

1st: Clinton Squadroni, The Region

2nd:  Brian Brown, Team Pasadena

3rd:  Andy Luciano, St. Louis

4th:  David Hildreth, Team Utah

5th:  Shane Hoag, Houston SW

Bracket 1

1st:  Brian O’Neill/Adam Lube, Chicago

2nd: Chet Stachitas, Philly Fusion

3rd:  Alex Stark, Los Angeles Fusion

Account Managers

1st:  Amy Schmieder, Northern California

2nd:  Jessica Payson, Boca Raton Fusion


Account Executives

1st:  Josh Anderson, Team Inland Empire

2nd:  Anthony Boscarini, Orange County Fusion

3rd:  Tyler Birchmeier, Chicago

4th:  Steven Anderson, Orange County Fusion

5th:  Kurt Muther, Team Boston

Sales Managers

Bracket 2

1st:  Walter Solala, Orange County Fusion

2nd:  Robert Halterman, Team Inland Empire

3rd:  Zach Kyle, Team Seattle

4th:  John Hartman, Long Island

5th:  Walter Solala, San Diego Fusion

Bracket 1

1st:  Tim Ash, Indianapolis

2nd:  Brian Shay, Team Boston

3rd:  Chet Stachitas, Philly Fusion

Account Managers

1st:  Michele Kwaterski, Greenvile

2nd:  Stephanie Lally, Atlanta SW/Greensboro


Account Executives

Casey Stearns, Team Boston

Ben Drake, Team Pasadena

Casey Nep, Team San Francisco

Andrew Adeleye, New York City

Madeline Bakewell, Team Seattle

Devin Hennig, San Antonio

Kurt Muther, Team Boston

Dee Wagner, Miami

Mike Larkin, Long Island

Steven Anderson, Orange County Fusion

Kyle Ilges, Springfield

Nate Allis, Grand Rapids

Chris Synnestvedt, Chicago

Jordan Colletti, Team Phoenix

Catherine Liske, St Louis

Tyler Birchmeier, Chicago

Josh Anderson, Team Inland Empire

Sales Managers

Bracket 2

Walter Solala, San Diego Fusion

Brian Brown, Team Pasadena

Kevin Franzer, Minneapolis Fusion

Stephanie Sladek, Miami

Ryan Holland, Team Orange County

John Hartman, Long Island

Cody Ault, Houston NW

Andy Luciano, St Louis

Clinton Squadroni, The Region

Walter Solala, Orange County Fusion

Bracket 1

Art Zuniga, San Antonio

Mike McCarthy, Detroit

Kieran Lang, BV Northeast

Alex Stark, Los Angeles Fusion

Tyler Navarrette/Kevin Kern, Team Phoenix

Bill Quense, NJ Central

Tim Ash, Indy

Brian O’Neill/Adam Lube, Chicago

Chet Stachitas, Philly Fusion

Account Managers

Amber Keesecker, Charlotte Fusion

Sarah Epperson/Lindsay Maguire, Kansas City

Kaylee Williams, The Region

Natalie Bertucci, Cincinnatti Fusion

Jessica Payson, Boca Raton Fusion

Lauren Scott/Stephanie Cook, Detroit

Lindsey Roseman/Ashlee Barchard, Team Boston

Megan Weber, Columbus

Megan Jewell, Scranton

Marion Garrett, Team Inland Empire

Brianna Brown/Jessica Cafferty, San Diego Fusion

Jennifer Gumusata/Alicia Combs, St. Louis

Stephanie Lally, Atlanta SW & Greensboro

Stephanie Prokosch/Amber Jechort/Kate Snyder, Minneapolis Fusion

Kate Snyder, New Orleans Fusion

Michele Kwaterski, Greenville

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